TesseracT – Odyssey


This live album Odyssey is honestly something else. I will say, that it’s not the most ENERGETIC thing in the world, but there’s a certain undulating intensity that never quite lets up. TESSERACT have this ability to not exactly perform, but more so, weave an atmosphere into what they’re doing. I never really heard a spot in this performance that stood out heavily, but it’s all so cohesive that a moment like that may have thrown off the entire vibe of the set.

While they lack in the standard “breakdowns”, “angsty lyrics”, and “dead female” cliches (THANK FUCK FOR THAT), they come entirely prepared with some of the most interesting rhythmic work in all of the heavy music genre. Their key lies in the subtlety and nuance of each performer’s parts. I can guarantee you right now, each time you listen to this album, you’re going to hear something new. A little harmonic here, a bass note there, a subtle drum fill that you never quite heard right the first time, that’s where the beauty lies. Not to mention, ALL the members of the band are top-tier musicians. Vocals? Absolutely spot on. It’s crazy how much he sings for this entire album, and still finishes very strong. Guitars? Couldn’t ask for a more tasteful display of fret work. Bass? On a whole other level compared to 90% of bassists these days. Drums? They have a monster behind that kit.

These gentlemen know exactly what they’re doing, and they do it very well with professionally decorated ass-kicking boots laced on very tightly. This entire work of musicianship is one giant groove fest from start to finish. It’ll have you bobbing your head for the duration of the performance apart from the applause breaks. Do yourself a favor, go buy this album. It’s out now via Century Media Records. It sounds incredible, the music is incredible, just…fucking do it.


 RATING: 10/10


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