House Of Lords – Indestructible


At my day job I spend anywhere from two and a half to four hours on a loading dock each day scanning freight. And as monotonous as that is the one advantage is that I get to listen to a bunch of albums while I do so. One such record that has been getting a minimum of two spins daily is Indestructible from HOUSE OF LORDS, out June 9 via Frontiers Music. Now, I’ve heard some people say that this is “the best since their debut.” I’m gonna go ahead and disagree there because I thought last year’s Precious Metal buried said debut, and funny enough, Indestructible absolutely crushes its predecessor!

Opener “Go to Hell” kicks you in the nuts and is chock full o’riffs courtesy of guitarist Jimi Bell. If I thought he was God-like last time around, this time he had my heart palpitating on just about every song, especially this one. “Indestructible” finds Bell and his bandmates BJ Zampa (drums) and Chris McCarvill (bass) coming together in a glorious orgy of sound with singer extraordinaire James Christian providing that spark to bring everyone to musical orgasms all over the world. The groove and tempo to this one is so goddamn sexy I very nearly spontaneously combusted! The high speed-low drag train continues with the aptly-titled “100mph” Bell and Christian once again working in tandem to bring the masses some of the finest rock we’ll hear in 2015. It’s funny because usually this one comes on when I’m high atop two or three precariously stacked pallets that have no business being that way and are a bit shaky, yet I still can’t resist air guitaring while I’m up there.

Without a doubt one of my favorite songs has to be “Call My Bluff”. The way this thing is structured, from the cleaner verses to the heavier but harmonized choruses just had me from day one. It also shows Bell’s best solo on the disc. I’ve been singing this fucker for three weeks straight now with no end in sight. “Pillar of Salt” is an exercise in beauty with just enough touch of beast that I also sat up and took notice of right away. As far as ballads go “We Will Always Be One” is as close to perfection as I think we’re gonna get this year. Everything just falls into place musically and lyrically. The band revs the motor furiously once again on “Die to Tell” and the lush harmonies on the chorus are absolutely fantastic.

“Another Dawn” is one of those songs that is very misleading at first because it employs my favorite tactic, misdirection to glorious results. The biggest thing for me with this one wasn’t the hook, oh no. It was the goddamn way that Christian sings the pre-chorus that refused to leave my head and has now taken up permanent residence there. There’s a funky slower-tempo kind of thing happening with “Eye of the Storm” which makes for a nice change of pace. Jim Bell’s crazed guitar playing takes center stage for “Ain’t Suicidal” while both McCarvill and Zampa open up cans of whoop-ass alongside him.

Closing the disc is “Stand and Deliver” which is the kind of song that if you’re only benching 200 lbs at the start, when it’s over you’ll be hitting 400. The whole thing is just “GO! GO! GO!” and it’s fucking awesome! By the way, if it sounds like I’m gushing over every song, deal with it. I love this album. I gave HOUSE OF LORDS’ last effort a 9.5/10 and it was well-deserved. With Indestructible, a perfect 10 just doesn’t seem like enough. If I could go 12/10 I would, but since rules are rules, we’ll just give this one a perfect score. If this album isn’t on your to-do list come June 9 then shame on you.


RATING: 10/10

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