Secrets Of The Sky – Pathway


SECRETS OF THE SKY is the band that I’m glad I can include on my “You have to check these guys out!” list. Based in Oakland, CA SECRETS OF THE SKY is a progressive metal band that recently released their latest album Pathway via Metal Blade Records). This excellently produced piece of art features a forty-five minute journey that will put you right by the beach, on an almost endless adventure.

Pathway features many changes in sounds as the different tracks are played. The variation in duration of each track is ridiculously high, meaning that you’ll get a chance to connect with all the tracks and not only listen to music, but an album that tells a story. The hard work from band members Andrew Green (guitar), Clayton Bartholomew (guitar), Garett Gazay (vocals), Ryan Healy (bass) and Lance Lea (drums) made me enjoy the different tempo changes, specially in songs like “Angel in Vines”, “Garden of Prayers” and “Eternal Wolves”.

One interesting thing is that there are several tracks named with roman numbers from one to seven, and those are the real deal. The combination of nature sounds with clean progressive metal only gives you ONE option, and that is to listen to this album from start to finish… and no, you cannot skip a song, or play the album in random order. The magic would be lost. “Three Swords” is their promotional single for the album, and it’s definitely an atomic bomb dropped in your ears to start getting into this band. The track “Fosforos” is definitely a heavy one, shorter in length, and it offers much more screaming and heavier stomps than the other songs.

Once again, I’m glad that I selected this relatively new band to review. I’ve recently attended a few progressive metal shows from bands like THE ATLAS MOTH and THE CONTORTIONIST, and even though they’re not in my list of all-time favorite bands, they definitely have given me awesome experiences, and I hope SECRETS OF THE SKY is able to do the same once they get into that all-important stage of touring here in Texas. Fantastic job from SECRETS OF THE SKY, hopefully this band gets to introduce some more magic to our ears. Excellent album.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Three Swords”, “Fosforos”, “Eternal Wolves”, “Garden of Prayers”

RATING: 9/10


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