Veil Of Maya & Revocation Demolish The Pawn Shop!! – Edmonton, AB – 6/12/15


A rainy Friday isn’t something that deters Edmonton’s heavy metal community from hitting up various venues to catch some of the coolest bands out there. On June 12, this definitely wasn’t a problem! A little rain can’t stop YEG’S metalheads from coming down to The Pawn Shop to catch what is possibly the most EPIC show of 2015. Kicking off Friday evening with local deathcore metallers GREAT WHITE SHARK FIGHT, the place comfortably exploded into a frenzy of moshing and headbanging as these five shredders delivered a crushing set, demonstrating exactly what they are: A perfect fit for this bill.


As REVOCATION was about to come on I could feel the anticipation rising within myself, and the rest of the room. Each member took their place on stage, and the band immediately blasted into “Labyrinth of Eyes” from newly released album Deathless, causing The Pawn Shop to erupt like a volcano. It was sheer chaos from wall to wall! An abundance of moshers, stage divers, and crowd surfers were launching from all directions as REVOCATION continued to pump adrenalizing riffs and roars through the monitors. Frontman and guitarist Dave Davidson expressed his gratitude and excitement to be back in Edmonton, and he commanded the crowd to raise their “wizard fingers” for a song that has “a few weedlies and deedlies.”


The audience broke into a mass frenzy more aggressive than ever before as the band boomed into “Invidious” from 2013’s self-titled album. They delivered one final blow to the club by closing with “Witch Trials” from last year’s Deathless album and exchanged handshakes with their fans, and flicked guitar picks and drumsticks to the audience. After stealing the show, REVOCATION left the stage, knowing they had just put on THE heaviest, deadliest and most aggressive show to hit Edmonton this year. Epic on all fronts!


Firing on all cylinders, VEIL OF MAYA began their performance in the best way possible: Loud, fast and in-your-face! Blowing their audience away right from the get-go they opened with “Lucy” and “Mikasa” from their newly released album Matriarch. Within their well-articulated 13-song set, they had a taste for audible annihilation, playing a variety of songs from albums spanning their career such as “Punisher”, “[id]”, “Subject Zero” and many, many more. The show continued on with the bleeding riffs of Marc Okubo and the thundering drumming and basslines of Dan Hauser and Sam Applebaum, all the while complimenting the raspy but aggressively beautiful voice of new vocalist Lukas Magyar.


Taking their audience back to their second album The Common Man’s Collapse VEIL OF MAYA topped off their set with “It’s Not Safe To Swim Today”, causing their fans to throw down harder than ever before. The band always puts on an impressive performance every time they visit Edmonton, but this time they put on their best show yet that won’t soon be forgotten!



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