Diabolicum – La Pazuzu (The Abyss Of The Shadows)


Black metal is a very complicated genre when it comes to me liking or disliking a band, but DIABOLICUM hit the nail on the head with their latest release Ia Pazuzu (The Abyss of the Shadows). This album is extreme black metal, and it’s amazing. The entire thing is just so evil it’s crazy, you can feel the mayhem coming from the vocals. The album has an industrial kind of sound to it, really experimental, yet awesome guitarwork. Everything about it stands out, the vocals, the drums, the strings, it’s flawless musicality. DIABOLICUM is one the very few black metal bands I can call one of a kind.

The opening track “Baxxar Ehl Uhza” is simply a man saying “I believe that evil will once again rise and conquer the love of God,” and enters into the song “Void of Astaroth.” The song opens very quickly with a fast blasting guitar riff and drums, some really heavy stuff, pretty solid. Definitely not my favorite off of the album, but everything on here is good stuff, with good energy and great tones throughout it all. The album is better to listen to as a whole, all the songs go together very well, however they are all good tracks by themselves.

The band slows down in “Silent Spring.” The rhythms are very catchy and it has a nice groove throughout. It’s really powerful until the very end, where the guitars gain a clean tone and start playing a soft riff. It actually gets to be quite sad, a big jump from the original anger of the disc. DIABOLICUM’S best quality has got to be their vocals. They’re so powerful and angry, it really gets you going and into the music. The vocals are a haunting voice, it really sent shivers down my spine when I first listened to the album. It took the record from good to breathtaking.

My favorite track though is most definitely “One Mans War.” It’s the most extreme of all the songs with the most angry display of vocals, it compliments the guitar rhythms extremely well. The meaning makes it even better, a one man’s war with himself, it’s so METAL! This tune is the best for all of the instruments too. The guitar riffs are a lot more complex, as are the drums, all while keeping up a quick pace and heavy sound. Words can’t even describe how amazing this song is, it’s unbelievable.

Ia Pazuzu is practically a flawless album. The eerie, powerful vocals give it this evil feeling and the blasting guitar riffs give off the great energy. This disc has such good tone and was mixed very well, being some of the HIGHEST quality black metal I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. This album is absolutely something good to check out, especially if you’re into extreme metal. The band’s discography is also worth looking into, but Ia Pazuzu is definitely the best release so far. So make sure you pick up your copy on July 7 from Code666. It’s not anything you’d want to miss!


RATING: 10/10


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