Airlines Of Terror – Terror From The Air


Once again, my buddy Tito from Italy is right. Lemme tell ya about this band, also from Italy, AIRLINES OF TERROR. Yeah I know, the name isn’t the greatest, but get past that with a quickness, like he advised me to. These guys arrive with album number two ready to fuck shit up, and Terror From the Air is nine tracks of Death Metal Madness! Demian Cristiani (vocals, guitar), Giuseppe Orlando (drums) Emanuele Calvelli (bass) and Fabrizio Agabiti (guitar) have come out of the gate like a big swinging metal dick, ready to fuck your earholes into submission.

Starting with opener “Lysergic Parachutes” and its gutteral growlage and continuing through the screams of “U.F.O.=Tesla” it’s clear this band has many facets. The guitar work on the latter is gritty and fluid at the same time, if that makes sense. “Pedophiliac Skyjacking” just made me want to stand on a rooftop somewhere and fire bricks down on unsuspecting passersby while giggling maniacally. I know, I know, seek help!

The riffage of “Funeral Rites Made to Exceed the Speed of Sound” belies what may be a very misleading title since it’s not a fast number, but man oh man does the band display some serious chops on this one. They also showcase some outstanding guitar solos while managing to give off yet another side of the music. “Engines Behind the Lunar God Volcano” is pretty hefty, and very nearly crosses over into thrash territory at times. I had NO idea where the hell “Red Wings Kaput (Swing Swing Kaput)” was going but I sure as shit enjoyed the journey. As the title suggests, it has a bit of a swing feel before it launches into full-on speed.

For “The Sound of Hardcore Diplomacy” the group is in total lockstep and just brings the ruckus. “Suicide and Bombardment” and closer “Terror From the Air” crank up the aural aggression and are perfect companions to “Lysergic Parachutes”. So it’s like the album comes full circle. Even though it’s way too short at only 30 minutes, Terror From the Air needs to be in every Death Metal fan’s collection this year. It’s out now via Goressimo Records, and if you haven’t already, I highly recommend you give AIRLINES OF TERROR a shot.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Lysergic Parachutes”, “Terror From the Air”, “Suicide and Bombardment”, “Pedophiliac Skyjacking”

RATING: 8.6/10

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