WÜLFHOOK – The Impaler


So listen, I’d really like to tell you guys about a band I got turned onto a while back, thanks to my friend Hiran. WÜLFHOOK hails from Detroit and Holy Fuck do they mean business! With several successful demos under their belt the time has come for them to release their proper debut, The Impaler, which is out now on Divebomb Records. One listen to this album and you will be immediately transported back to a time when all the industry politics weren’t at the forefront and what mattered was the music. That’s the thing with this band; they plug in and play, because they know that their music will blow everyone away, and they don’t have to say a goddamn word about it. So let’s dig into this record, shall we?

First of all, Jeff Sling Schlinz’s vocals are guaranteed to peel wallpaper and quite possibly set some houses on fire. The man is unstoppable, and just when you think he can’t let out another ripping high, there he goes AGAIN! Between this and the twin axe attack of guitarists Metal Matt Martin and Chris Wellman I felt like I was a teenager again, back in my Massapequa bedroom, air jamming like all get-out. The rhythm section of Mike Mullaly (bass) and Jeff Dit Ditner (drums) are all business all the time, and between all of them there’s not a single ass that doesn’t get kicked. With the riffs of opener and title track “The Impaler” and the all-out power of  “Brutal Nightmare” we’ve obviously got a monster on our hands here. And the best part is there’s still more tracks to sink our teeth into.

A personal favorite was hands-down “Through the Darkness” for this guy. From the rhythm and riffs to the insane chorus I knew right away this would be my jam from this album. The IRON MAIDEN-style leads on this tune are incendiary and should come with a fucking warning label, especially during the last 30 seconds. “Bridge Burner” is another one that takes off at full speed, as does my other favorite “Eternal”, once again providing that dual guitar interplay I love so well. “Devil’s Harlot” and “Tormentor” are pretty strong cuts out for blood. There’s also a cover of VAN HALEN’S “Atomic Punk” to end things that’s not bad at all. At the end of the day WÜLFHOOK have delivered one fine debut with The Impaler, and this is an album I see myself blaring for the rest of the summer at the very least.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Through the Darkness”, “Eternal”, The Impaler”, “Tormentor”, “Brutal Nightmare”

RATING: 8.5/10

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