The Agony – Dirty And Dangerous


THE AGONY formed in January 2013 in Prague, Czech Republic, and came out with their first short CD Loud and Furious that July. Only five songs on that one, but it was apparent that this band had something special. I noticed them right away. But this new CD? Well, let me just say I have listened to it practically nonstop for two weeks. I just love this album. Consisting of frontwoman Nikola “Niky” Kandoussi (lead vocals/guitar/organization), Katerina Sykorova “Katie Skatie” (vocals/bass/archive), Tereza “Terka” Psencikova (guitar/jumping), Martina “Kajda” Balcarova (skins), the band began a Pledge Music drive and within about three weeks had all local and international funding needed for their new LP….astounding to say the least. The new album titled Dirty and Dangerous is along the same lines as the previous CD, but this time they had a better studio and production, which is definitely apparent on the new effort.

From the needle down, Balcarova shakes the windows with a very fast-paced drum solo followed by the bass intro and the first note from Kandoussi, and the song explodes into a GIRLSCHOOL meets METALLICA marriage in “Let’s Get Wasted”. THE most kick ass song on the LP, it is a great way to remind you of that hangover right away. Absolutely LOVE this song. Secondly, “The Whore Song” was internationally debuted on the first record and is reintroduced on this one, faster and re-recorded, better mixed in this effort and really magnifies Kandoussi. Niky and Skatie trade vocals and Terka’s solo is cleaner than the original.

The title track “Dirty and Dangerous” is one of my favorite new songs. Beginning with drums and bass, a great combo, it gets your head bobbing immediately, “Your hottest nightmare has returned”. I can totally see this song getting radio airplay; the pace quickens then slow back to the uncontrollable foot tapping. It sounds totally kick ass on the highest volume possible in my truck. Next up is “Rockin”….my all time favorite song from this band, again re-recorded. I’ve heard several versions of this one, this is by far the best produced of them all…heavier guitars and it’s just better put together. Kandoussi has an excellent solo prior to the the slow part (which is a bit too clean for my taste..and I prefer the original recorded version actually as it is more edgy), nevertheless, the song is a killer tune.

“Be My Fire”, again a premiere song begins with drums and bass (which I personally love and I think is becoming a trademark of THE AGONY), “Come on now ya gotta be my fire, light me up”…great sexual overtones as in many THE AGONY songs…all energetic and attractive musicians with lots of party left in them. Terka “Wah Wah” Psencikova lights her fire with a nice solo in this tune. Also, another good candidate for the air waves. “Evil Angel” is an older number, written when NK was in her teens and this has progressed to an excellent song that could have been written and played by James Hetfield himself, and is better refined by the whole band.

“Will to Kill” is Sykorova’s baby, she sings lead throughout about killing a random asshole. “I’ve got my will to kill, we are one with my gun and it’s the best I could feel”. Rainbows and unicorns with this one..really a cool song. The more I play it the more I like it. “She’s a Beast” is really a good piece of writing which alludes to the Silvia Plath story “The Bell Jar” and is about some mysterious, sexy redhead, I wonder who that could be? “Waiting” is an older tune written by Kandoussi and is now properly put together. Bringing up the end is “Triple Game”, a catchy tune, a little off the beaten path for the band, but honestly even after reading the lyrics, I have no clue what it is is about.

Dirty and Dangerous is a great and proper first album by the Czech foursome. Every effort they have put forth over the last two years gets better and better. Having found a better recording studio and production crew I think really helped bring out the best in THE AGONY. They are getting more polished as time goes on and I really expect a lot from them as time progresses. Buy this CD, it will be a great addition to your metal collection.


RATING: 9.5/10


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