Texas Hippie Coalition: Smokin’ Hot Red Dirt Metal!! – Verizon Theatre 7/13/15

THC 3Everything is bigger in Texas. Right? This includes Red Dirt Metal. Frontmen of Red Dirt Metal bands. And the lies told by Red Dirt Metal frontmen! Big Dad Ritch, lead singer and founder of TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION has been escalating his lie-telling for years; and it is working for him and his band of outlaws: John “the Pornstar” Exall (bass), Timmy “the Hitman” Braun (drums) and Cord “Getcha” Pool (lead and rhythm guitar). The lies started innocently enough. Before ever playing 10 gigs with BLACK LABEL Society, BDR had been lying to people that it was going to happen. And it did. Then BDR upped the ante and started telling people that THC would be opening for the legendary LYNYRD SKYNYRD. “LYNYRD SKYNYRD didn’t know who the fuck we were!” BDR told that lie so many times that the band finally gave them a dozen dates on a tour.

THC 2Trying to come up with the “biggest lie of fucking all” BDR started proclaiming that THC would open for JUDAS PRIEST in 2015!! The evil bellow from BDR and the fact that I was witnessing THC, in fact, open for JUDAS PRIEST at Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie in Texas confirmed that honesty is NOT always the best policy.

TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION played a slightly longer set than I had anticipated (eight songs).  The setlist represented songs from all of the band’s releases. “Hands Up” (Peacemaker, 2012) immediately got the crowd that was starting to filter in up and on their feet. From there the band kicked straight into “Rollin” (Rollin, 2010). Timmy Braun started the next song by yelling, “Fire in the Hole”, a cut from the latest release, (Ride On, 2014). A trip to Vinnie’s Clubhouse came next as the band of Outlaws commenced to “Turn it Up”. The next two songs were pleasant surprises to me; it has been a while since I heard THC do “Saddle Sore”  live, followed by “Whiskey”.

THC 1“Who’s drinkin’ with me??”, asked BDR as the crowd really got into this bonus track from Peacemaker. He told the crowd about his frequent trips to El Paso, Texas and the nickname that our neighbors to the south had given him: “El Diablo Rojo”. This song opens the new album and represents THC at their finest. BDR’s rapid-fire delivery of the vocals had the crowd going crazy!

The finale was the song that many consider their “go-to” when it comes to TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION. As BDR explained it…”I wrote this song here…..phhhhsssstttt, ‘cause I was high!” Once Cord Pool ripped into the opening riffs and John Exall began sprinting around the stage pounding on his bass, everybody knew that it was time for “Pissed Off and Mad About It”.

THC 4This song from the debut Pride of Texas (2008) put THC on the map back in 2009 as they performed it live on the Jerry Springer show and it has closed the vast majority of their shows since then. A great closer because who doesn’t like to yell at the top of their lungs that they are “PISSED OFF AND MAD ABOUT IT!”?

Having enjoyed the music of Texas Hippie Coalition for 4 or 5 years now and seeing them live in many different venues; I can honestly say that this band is just getting better.  If you want to see them (again) catch them on the second leg of the Smokin’ Hot Tour making stops throughout the western and midwestern US through August. If you do catch them, be prepared for lies; BDR is already talking about opening for AC/DC on the Rock or Bust Tour. *wink* *wink*



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