Straight Line Stitch – Transparency


I’ve always been kind of hit and miss when it comes to STRAIGHT LINE STITCH. And by that I just mean that I’ve really enjoyed some stuff and been kind of on the fence when it comes to their other stuff. However, new EP Transparency (out now on Pavement Entertainment) is a step in the right direction in more ways than one. Vocalist Alexis Brown has never sounded better, leading the charge through these five songs like a woman on a mission. And the band aren’t exactly slouches, either. When you put the music and her voice together this time around, it really whets the appetite for their next full-length, whenever that may come.

Of the five tracks, the ones that grabbed me right away were the angst of “Human Bondage” as well as the beautiful melodies on display in “Out of Body”, Brown’s lilting voice really steering this one. The way it builds and builds combined with the guitar fueling the engine make this easily the best tune on the disc. “Dark Matter” as an opener scores pretty high due to the fact it just kicks the door down and lets Alexis do what she does, going back and forth between the cleans and growls, making it seem effortless.

“Face of God” once again combines the gritty with the pretty, and was probably my second favorite song after ‘Body”. Aggression is the order of the day for “Wilderness” and believe me, you don’t wanna be in the crosshairs of this angry number. When all is said and done, yeah this is a kickass EP, but now I’m curious to see what STRAIGHT LINE STITCH will deliver on their next full album. Transparency may have been put out to give the fans a little something till then, but I think it’s only gonna fuel the hunger for more and make people even more rabid. Great job by the band on this release!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Face of God”, “Out of Body”, “Human Bondage”


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