The Green River Burial – Blight


I know it may not be a popular thought, but I happen to be a big fan of bands releasing EPs. I know most people want the bigger equals better qualities of a full-length album, but I think it should be enthused, especially when done to tide the fans over until a proper album is released. Further, EPs are more intimate. They’re a bit more rare, and, generally, bands are willing to take more risks. They also serve as a great place to try out a new sound, which is exactly what THE GREEN RIVER BURIAL has done with their latest EP, Blight, out August 1 on Bastardized Recordings.

To be honest, the disc is more a single than an extended play, as it only houses two songs. But those two songs sure pack a punch. The disc opens with an ambient build up of ominous sounds, yet quickly chugging down-tuned guitars begin to emerge from the distance. When the full band kicks in, it’s a free for all of off-tempo, down beats. Fans of djent will greatly appreciate the direction to follow. The riffs in “Armilus” remain heavy throughout, the drums in constant syncopation, and the vocals rip through the mix like a buzz-saw. “Dajjal” starts off just as heavy as its predecessor, but opens up more atmosphere. The tempo shifts throughout the track, and there is even a melodic hook that plays out twice in the song.

Whether we want to argue the basis of this as a single or an EP, it doesn’t make much difference to the quality of material. What is found on Blight is a group testing out a new sound. Personally, I like where it’s going. It’s not just a djent record. It’s a bit more raucous, a bit more raw than the recordings released by some of their peers. I look forward to what changes are in store for THE GREEN RIVER BURIAL, and I suggest you grab a copy of these two songs. You can thank me next time.


RATING: 10/10


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