Krisiun – Forged In Fury


Brazil has long stood as a country one can count on for Metal. I recently took in the latest release from one of their more tenured exports, KRISIUN. The group’s tenth album, Forged In Fury, will be released August 7 through Century Media Records, a mere week away from the 20th anniversary of their debut album. Whether these dudes planned it that way or not is beyond me, but, either way, it’s pretty damn cool.

For a band with such an extensive history, it would only be right to assume the brand of Death Metal portrayed over the disc’s ten tracks stays in the “old school” realm, and the assumption would be correct. FiF presents a cleanly produced update to traditional death, with thrash metal drums and aggressive, yet melodic riffing. You’ll find the best examples of this with “Ways of Barbarism”, “Dogma of Submission”, “Soulless Impaler” and “Oracle of the Ungod”. Perhaps one of my favored spots on the album comes from the extremely angry “Burning of the Heretic”, and yet, it has to be said that there were a few points that lost me.

While the music throughout the entire disc is amazing, there were some songs where I really had to tune out the vocals due to some extremely predictable vocal lines, written in basic four line rhyme schemes. Call me pretentious, but I find it cheesy when metal groups use simplistic meter and rhyme. It’s like writing nursery rhymes and reading them in cookie monster voice. This vocal approach led me to skip “Scars of Hatred” and “Strength Forged in Fury” almost entirely.

While I jest about some of the lyrical approach to Forged in Fury, I do want to draw attention back to how well designed the instrumentation is. I was thoroughly entertained throughout my listen by the balance of thrash, speed, melody and shred brought forth by guitarist Moyses Kolesne. And though I have my caveats about some of the vocal arrangements, I still highly recommend picking up the latest by KRISIUN. You’ll dig it.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Ways of Barbarism”, “Soulless Impaler”, “Burning of the Heretic”, “Oracle of the Ungod”

RATING: 7/10


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