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Soulfly-Archangel cover

SOULFLY’S new album Archangel is out now, and I have to say, it’s some really cool stuff. The band has done some good work on their previous records but Archangel is definitely my favorite. The reason is that Max Cavalera’s vocals have changed since the last one, and it sounds like some old school SEPULTURA. This release shocked me, because I never thought I would hear that kind of stuff again. Archangel is pretty cool for what it is, and it’s a lot different than the rest of the band’s discography. This is a big treat for the big fans of Max’s old band.

The opening track “We Sold Our Souls To Metal” comes blasting in with a growl, and it’s already one of the best songs so far. This is an eye opener to SOULFLY’S new sound. Although very short, it is an awesome piece. They sound a lot more aggressive than before, the vocals are even better, and it sounds so great. One of the coolest parts about this song is the guitar riff and solo during the verses. There’s a lot of energy in it and the tone is really good. This track sets the energetic feeling for the whole album. It’s an excellent intro.

The intro leads directly into “Archangel,” a very evil song. The beginning is very creepy murmurs that turns into a heavy guitar riff. This tune is a great example for the good vocals. They sound a lot like the old days, but with a different kind of twist to them, so it’s not EXACTLY like SEPULTURA. This is a good representation of it though, and it’s awesome. it’s a good job on the band’s part. This song also leads into “Sodomites,” another evil track, but this one is a lot heavier. The guitarwork is really technical here; it’s some weird yet awesome writing. The vocal range on this song is also pretty good. “Sodomites” is yet another excellent song on this album.

“Deceiver” is one of the fastest pieces on this release, and my personal favorite. Not only are the guitar riffs really fast paced, they’re real solid and evil. This is one of the go-to tracks for those new to the album; it’s heavy and thrash-influenced. This is one of the songs that shows the drastic improvement in SOULFLY’S sound and style. They improved really quickly, and they did very well on the vocal style change.

Archangel is a phenomenal album. It showed improvement in SOULFLY, both in sound and songwriting. All the tracks are really dark and heavy, each one making the release excellent, not a single bad track here. Archangel is something every old school SEPULTURA fan needs to check out. It’s available now on Nuclear Blast Records. Make sure to get a copy, it would be a sin not to.


RATING: 9.8/10


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