Pentagram – Curious Volume


The legendary band PENTAGRAM has a new record coming out. This album was highly anticipated by all the fans; it’s always really exciting when PENTAGRAM is making another release. Curious Volume (August 28, Peaceville Records) is some pretty groovy stuff, really catchy too. I personally like their older stuff much better, but this is still a strong release. Even after all these years Bobby Liebling’s vocals are still perfect, he’s showing no signs of losing his singing skills. This is going to be a good one, I’ll tell you about it.

The opening track, “Lay Down and Die,” is a cool intro; it starts off powerful and the vocals almost immediately come in. This song has some really cool riffwork and iis the kind of sound you would expect to hear from these guys, dark and evil. This track definitely gets me pumped, it’s fast paced and it’s just really energizing. One of my favorites off this album, it’s really calm and cool, it’s one of the most appealing to my ears. Definitely sounds like some old PENTAGRAM stuff, and it has its own tweak of powerful sound.

The third track “Dead Bury Dead” is a really smooth song, the rhythm gives it a flow that you feel from listening, and it’s definitely favorite from the disc. Everything on this one is really good, the guitar riff is slow and menacing, the bass and drums go smoothly, and the vocals are at their best. There’s also a really chilled out vibe, and it’s something that needs to be heard. The opening bass line in “Earth Flight” is pretty groovy, the whole tune runs pretty much on it, and it sounds cool as hell.

“Misunderstood” is the fastest song found here. It starts with a fast riff to then be joined by drums and vocals. The guitars parts are the best part of this song. The solo is especially good, it starts playing and then continues in pieces over the vocals. The vocals and guitar mix extremely well on this track. If I had to pick a go-to song for this album, it’s definitely this one. It’s a good bridge for getting into the release, or the band in general.

Curious Volume has some exceptional work, and it really is an album to look forward too. The production is really clear, and that good production definitely made this release better. They still have the old school PENTAGRAM sound and tone, too. The guitar work is really cool: it’s nothing too complex, but like I said before, very groovy. Bobby Liebling’s vocals are the best part of the album though. His voice is amazing, and he’s doing really well with PENTAGRAM. Don’t just take my word for it, go pick one up and see how awesome it is for yourself!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Lay Down and Die”, “Dead Bury Dead”, “Misunderstood.”

RATING: 7.5/10


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