Kobra And The Lotus – Words Of The Prophets


What more can I say about KOBRA AND THE LOTUS that I haven’t already? It’s not exactly news how much I love them, and the sheer number of pieces we’ve done on the band is a direct reflection of that. Well, for all you KATL-holics like me, there is good news today! Words of the Prophets, an EP of five cover tunes is out now!!

Featuring five of the Canadian artists the band members grew up listening to, the songs include compositions by TRIUMPH, APRIL WINE, BTO, Alannah Myles, and…RUSH. Yeah, you heard me. In our latest interview I told singer Kobra Paige that it takes a lot of balls to cover a song from Rock Royalty like RUSH. How’d they do? More on that in a minute…

TRIUMPH is one of those vastly underrated bands that I grew up with and even though they had success, they deserved to be bigger. Here the band tackles “Lay It On the Line” and their version is terrific. Next up is the APRIL WINE classic “Sign of the Gypsy Queen,” also done damn near to perfection, twin guitars all aflame. Then the group does the impossible: make me like a song I fucking HATED in the Summer of ’90 when it was all over the airwaves…”Black Velvet.” I never could stand it and usually threw my oversized Zenith remote at the damn TV whenever the video came on, but this rendition is absolute gold.

Honestly the only tune that didn’t thrill me as much as the others was “Let It Ride” and that’s simply because I’m just not a fan of BTO. Which isn’t to say that KATL don’t do a great job; they certainly do. It’s just not one of my favorites. Now, onto the moment you’ve all been waiting for: RUSH…”The Spirit of Radio”. It’s so hard to put into words how incredible it is. Even now, 56 listens later, I still get chills. I really can’t put it any other way without standing up and applauding. From Kobra’s vocals to the precision playing of the band, it’s simply marvelous!

Words of the Prophets is a great homage to some of the best-loved and most influential artists for many of us, musicians or not. And KOBRA AND THE LOTUS have honored each one of them in fine fashion, and this EP is something they truly can be and SHOULD be proud of. Now excuse me while I go listen to it…again!


RATING: 4.5/5

One comment to “Kobra And The Lotus – Words Of The Prophets”
One comment to “Kobra And The Lotus – Words Of The Prophets”

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