Unbreakable Hatred – Ruins


If you haven’t heard, or heard of UNBREAKABLE HATRED, man do I feel sorry for you. Formed in Quebec in 2008, the band has one album already under their belts (Total Chaos, 2011) and new one Ruins just came out via Unique Leader Records. These guys are simply amazing. Brothers Phillippe Drouin (guitar), Dominique Drouin (drums), and bassist/vocalist Simon B. Lapointe simply make crushing Death Metal the way the Gods intended it to be: loud, pummeling, and spine-shattering.

Each of the eight tracks on this record is an exercise in gut-punching brutality. Never for one moment does the band let up, and the technical mastery is evident in every song, most notably in “Natural Disaster”, Phillippe Drouin simply making the fretboard his bitch again and again, while Dominique and Simon come in all piss and vinegar, making this one the absolute standout on an album full of great tunes. The one-two punch of “Addiction” and “Dysfunctional System” are the perfect way to open a disc like this, taking no prisoners with zero fucks given.

Title track “Ruins” will simply cave your goddamn head in, and that’s that. “Unpredictable Brutality” is one of those songs that countless kids will sit in their rooms trying to learn all the parts to, many failing in the process. Hopefully they keep trying so it makes them better musicians. Imagine a Sherman Tank Division with full air support coming at you ready to bomb you into extinction. That’s exactly what “The Beginning of the End” sounds like. The band keeps shelling you until you finally raise the white flag, which you should.

“Luxurious Sickness” shows exactly what this trio is capable of, which is World Domination. Every riff, beat, and growl is mind-blowing. Closing this monumental opus is “Primitive Thoughts”, a tune that is just as pummeling as the seven before it, thus inserting Ruins into contention for Death Metal Album of the Year at A&GS…oy, I hate/love it when these bands complicate my lists!! Bottom line is this: UNBREAKABLE HATRED are a force to be reckoned with, and you owe it to yourself to pick this album up YESTERDAY.


RATING: 9.5/10

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