Roses Unread – The Silver Lining


Two years ago I had the good fortune to receive music from and befriend ROSES UNREAD, a DIY band out of Tennessee. One listen to their self-titled third record made my jaw drop in disbelief over the fact they weren’t on a major label and also at the record’s production. Fast forward to now, and the band is ready to unleash follow-up The Silver Lining on the world. And the world had better look out, because this band is poised like a heat-seeking missile ready to blow shit up.

After a brief intro the group comes in all riffs and vinegar for opener “Crash and Burn”, vocalist Allison Teague Purifoy ascending on dragon’s wings over the twin guitar assault of John Purifoy and Blake Becton while Brant (the Beard) Sollis and new drummer Grant Brooks knock down walls. Next up is “Never Enough” which is arguably one of the heaviest in the group’s catalog. This makes me VERY happy, because it’s such a jammin’ tune it’s hard not to floor it while driving! The riffs coupled with the background screams really drive this one.

“Heartless” is one of three tracks that have a distinct SEVENDUST vibe. Not surprising considering the influence they’ve had on this band of rising stars. And I’m STILL hoping the Powers That Be make that tour happen. “Fallen” is the second and I swear if you’re not wreckin’ shop while listening to this one you don’t have a pulse. Brant’s growls behind Allison’s beautiful singing totally fits the Beauty and the Beast motif. “Excuses” has some thick ‘n’ dirty riffage and Allison is in top form here making this one of the album’s best.

And then comes “Basilisk” which totally fucks your world up. The guitars are like friggin’ Ginsu knives and Brooks tears the walls down. The third SEVENDUST-esque tune is “Darkness Rises”, which may also be one of the darkest tracks these people have written. Ms. Purifoy is particularly venomous, yet sultry on this track. Go ahead and listen to “The Onslaught” and try not to hurt someone, I dare you. It begs you to, trust me. I also thought “Inquisition” and “Left Unsaid” were very aggressive and ready to fuck shit up. “Sin Is You” is another badass song on an album full of them and once again the X-Factor is Allison’s vocal delivery.

“Break Away” would be an excellent choice for a single at rock radio, but we all know how stupid those stations are. However the coup de grace is closer “One Eye Open”…slow potboiler, builder of suspense, and song that makes you say, “WOW!!” This is the type of album ender that a band can be proud of. And with this new record The Silver Lining they can be proud plus a whole lot more. Allison Purifoy is singing her heart out, and the rest of the band has risen to the occasion and then some! Be sure and pick up your copy October 2!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “One Eye Open”, “Fallen”, “Never Enough”, Excuses”, “Crash and Burn”, Basilisk”, “Darkness Rises”

RATING: 9.4/10

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