Serial Butcher – Brute Force Lobotomy


Brute Force Lobotomy is the name of the new album from Belgian Death Metal band SERIAL BUTCHER, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more fitting title for a record. There are ten songs on this disc, which is out now via Unique Leader Records, and each one punches you in the head over and over again, until you have multiple concussions and cauliflower ear. This is the band’s first offering in five years and it is fucking INSANE!! When I was in the Army many years ago we were taught to “KILL! KILL! KILL WITHOUT MERCY!!” and that is exactly what these guys do on each and every track.

“Born On a Chopping Block” and “Bowel Soup” really give the listener a glimpse into what this band is all about, and that is simply dismembering everyone in a 500-mile radius. Opener “Hypovolemic Shock” splits your head open the way good Death Metal should, and that ideal is only cemented further with “Sadistic Spare Parts Surgery.” I have to say that the riffs supplied by guitarist Kenneth Keysers are some of the finest I’ve heard this year, and the rhythm section of Koen Verstraete and Nico Veroeven are lights out on each and every song. The music will hold your attention and that is 100% because of these guys! Vocalist Kurt Termonia also kicks your ass from start to finish, growling and grinding bones all the way.

“Fresh Frozen Females” was really interesting because I really had no fucking clue what was going to happen, and that just excited me more. Then it kicks in and all you want to do is break shit over someone’s head. Think of 100 slaps across the face and that pretty much sums up “Flayed Human Skin”, an exercise in brutality that should have most of you begging for more. “Facialized By a Flamethrower” is a great title because when you hear it you will feel like your face is being melted off slowly.

If you can’t get behind a song named “Rusty Lawnmowing Massacre” then you simply have no pulse. It’s fucking pummeling and will kick you in the chest for good measure. And the same can be said for the title track. Closer “Worm Buffet” might just be the only weak link in this chain. It’s good but not great, and a bit repetitive. But when all is said and done SERIAL BUTCHER put out a hellacious album, and Brute Force Lobotomy is one that all you Death Metal maniacs need to buy yesterday.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Rusty Lawnmowing Massacre”, “Born On a Chopping Block”, “Bowel Soup”, “Fresh Frozen Females”, “Flayed Human Skin”

RATING: 9/10

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