Pentagram Live At Revolution Bar & Music Hall!! – Amityville, NY

On a gloomy night when doom was eminent in the form of a hurricane many people in the tri-state area did the best they could to prepare for whatever disaster loomed. But for some uncanny reason the weather report indicated that the hurricane was not going to pay a visit and that we would only have torrential downpour. I don’t believe in coincidence so I would respectfully have to say that the cause of this weather was the arrival of PENTAGRAM in New York City, Long Island and Brooklyn and that of the Doom Master himself Bobby Liebling.


The welcoming crowd awaited the Doom Prince calmly. Once the venue’s onstage curtain opened up, journeyman guitarist Victor Griffin ripped into the infectious guitar riff from the song “Sign of the Wolf”. Liebling was as charismatic as ever with energy that radiated from the entire stage and he also looked very healthy. The man who is opening up his life for the world to see is promoting a new and revealing album Curious Volume (out now on Peaceville Records).



To everyone’s amazement the crowd favorite “Forever My Queen” followed as the audience ate it up. Liebling’s moves would make Mick Jagger envious, with near splits as drummer Pete Campbell held down the fort with his John Bonham-like approach. The band this night was a well-oiled machine. Wearing his heart on his sleeve he went into another classic “Starlady.”


They did do future classics such “Lay Down and Die”, “Close the Casket”, and “Devil’s Playground.” However Liebling saved the best for last. The songs “Last Days Here” and “Be Forewarned” back-to-back showed how Bobby has come full circle. As the night drew to a close so did the weather.


Clearly only the power of PENTAGRAM can cause a stir for Mother Nature…


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