Cryptopsy – The Book Of Suffering Tome 1


Canada’s CRYPTOPSY is one of those bands that has been around for decades and yet, when I informally poll my metalhead friends they either love them or hate them. I’ve heard all kinds of excuses for the latter, too, which baffles me. This is especially true since the line-up they have in place right now is the best they’ve ever sounded, and stronger than steel cable. Their new self-released EP The Book of Suffering Tome 1 is out now and it is an absolute ripper. This is supposed to be the first in a series. Man, I’m not sure my heart can take what comes next. Vocalist Matt McGachy is one of my favorites in all of Death Metal, and the band behind him is rock solid and in full ass-kicking, face-biting mode on all four of these tracks.

Disc opener and first single “Detritus (The Ones They Kept)” had my undivided attention the day they released it for good reason. I must have watched the goddamn YouTube video a dozen times before my copy arrived, so you can imagine how pumped I was to hear the other three tunes. “The Knife, the Head and What Remains” is full-on window-smashing aggression, and listening to it made me want to put my head through the neighbor’s window and bite the closest living thing in the house.

I was particularly enthralled with “Halothane Glow”. Bassist Olivier Pinard shines bright here and drummer Flo Mounier puts the team on his back to wreck everything in sight. Meanwhile guitarist Chris Donaldson opens up a can of riffage so nasty it’ll rip your girlfriend’s pants off while you watch. Without a doubt THIS is the best cut found here. Closer “Framed By Blood” puts the final destructive touch on a record designed to wreck everything in a three-mile radius, and the guitar solo is fit as fuck!

The bottom line here is that CRYPTOPSY have delivered a fucking crusher with The Book of Suffering Tome 1, and its brutality is matched only by the amazing technical prowess of the four men playing on it. If this is not in your collection by the time you finish reading this I feel sorry for you, because you are missing out on something special. I can only imagine what Hellishness awaits us on the next EP.



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