Soilwork And Shattered Sun At Gas Monkey Bar N’Grill!! – Dallas, TX


We’ve all gotten to a point in which there’s nothing that has the power to fix some hard times like a good, solid, blasting metal show. My situation was a little bit like that and I had been counting down the days till I could finally see SOILWORK, directly from Sweden and newer band, from the lone-star state, SHATTERED SUN.


SHATTERED SUN started taking care of business promoting their newest record Hope Within Hatred (which has been very enjoyable to me so far). Their set didn’t feel so short due to the energy and ability that all band members have to make their listeners have a good time while drinking beer or feeling the cold air in their face while at the venue. With songs such as “The Ultimatum” and “Hope Within Hatred”, which are my two favorites, I was more than happy to see this band live again, and I’m definitely looking forward to make that happen sometime in the near future while they tour with another major act. Props to SHATTERED SUN for making an excellent warm-up for the fans.


The following act was the main reason why MANY attendees paid for their ticket (including me). I recently knew about SOILWORK’S existence through a few media posts here and there while checking out a few of their songs at the same time. The way these musicians compose their songs, accompanied by melodies and powerful vocals made me decide to come over to the Gas Monkey Bar N’Grill and headbang hard during their set.


SOILWORK had recently released their newest album The Ride Majestic but the older songs were never forgotten! The band actively started their set with “The Ride Majestic”, one of my favorite tracks from the record, and that got a few people moving around. Other great songs were played such as “Nerve” (ideal to make your neck sore the entire following day), and old-school, fast, thrashy and brutal “Bastard Chain”.


After these three dynamic songs the band reminded us that they’ve just released a phenomenal album by playing “Death In General”. “Rise Above the Sentiment” was already a solid proof that SOILWORK was gaining popularity among the crowd. It felt like the cold weather was a small “but” for the concertgoers in general because there was not enough heat to keep people comfortable in the cooler environment that the night was saving for us.


Coming to a very close end to their set, SOILWORK delighted our ears with “Stabbing the Drama” and “Spectrum of Eternity,” two beautiful songs to finish the night for a wonderful first-time on my end. I felt like there were many surprises in the group’s performance; specifically talking about their musical components. I’ve heard the band’s songs many times on different occasions, but this live performance reminded me that there’s nothing better than driving to a show and raising your horns up in front of that band that makes you feel alive.SOILWORK definitely brings something very sweet to the table, and the fans know how to dig it perfectly. I do recommend you to follow this band and go see them wherever they play, and I won’t have to bet anything else because I can guarantee you’ll have the time of your life.


The night was really great. Thanks to The Maestro I met a new friend, Angie and her boyfriend Jesse, who both are great people. Many really good friends were present to witness the destruction. Props to everybody that made this tour possible. The bands had awesome performances and I definitely had a memorable time enjoying the music I love with my buddies. Until next time!




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