Texas Revolution Festival: ’68 And Shai Hulud – Austin, TX

It rained a lot…

Recently, Austin, TX was host to some of the rowdier bands in metal and hardcore. The Texas Revolution Festival was held at Empire Control Room for its first time. Attendance was slim, mostly due to the poor weather than anything else. Unfortunately, due to illness, I had to cut my visit short. But I did have the pleasure of reviewing two band before I went back home, ‘68 and SHAI HULUD:



‘68 is a powerhouse of a rock and roll band. Fronted by the experienced Josh Scogin, who has cut his teeth in bands such as The Chariot, and Norma Jean. ‘68’s drummer, Michael McClellan vibes very well with Josh. Their chemistry certainly cements the entertaining live performance that they put on. Their record In Humor and Sadness is good. Their live show? Better. If you’re in the mood for some good ‘ol rock and roll to mix with your apple pie, or something to jam in your pickup truck, look no further.



SHAI HULUD are sort of one of the “granddaddy” bands of hardcore. Established in 1995, they look like your dad if he was in a hardcore band. Now, that being said, the energy that they bring is fantastic. During their set, they had at least one audience member rush the stage for a microphone grab. They relented each time, letting the fan scream the words for them. It was truly a treat to watch them perform. If you have a chance to see them live? Go, for history’s sake at the very least.

The festival continued with acts from the likes of NORMA JEAN, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, HE IS LEGEND, and more. Unfortunately, by that time I was passed out at home with a fever and overwhelming nausea. However, it was a pleasant experience to go and watch the festival take place, and I look forward to possibly attending next year. See ya, Austin.


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