Propaganda – The Mask Of Sanity


Oh, you want some Brutal Death Metal, do you? Well then may I suggest PROPAGANDA from Indonesia? They may look young, but they play with all the subtlety of two trains colliding. Debut release The Mask of Sanity is out now via the band’s own Brute! Productions and it’s a doozy! The vocals are insanely guttural, and the drumming will cave your fucking head in. Couple that with the rib-cracking guitar riffs and bowel-shaking bass and you’ve got one hell of a fucking band on your hands.

Each track is more punishing than the last, starting with opener “Brain Damage Persecuted” and continuing with “Deliver Human Suffering”. This one in particular showcases the individual and collective talents of everyone involved. “Blasphemy Insanity Syndrome” is a riff machine, designed to fuck your ears up while you beg for more. I knew as soon as “Maniacal Torture’ started it would be an album favorite. For 3:41 all I wanted to do was hurl things AND people out of a sixth floor window. Such a killer track!

You probably won’t find a busier song on the album than “Butchery Decomposition Massacre”, and that’s OK. It throws everything at you, and before you know it, you’re covered in entrails, blood, and gore. “Rejection Living Tortured” is pure brutality and a personal favorite, while title track “The Mask of Sanity” features a chainsaw killing at the start. Now you REALLY have my undivided attention. All I could do while listening to this one was think about how tasty human flesh would be. What? Is that a bad thing?

The drums are front and center on the GELGAMESH cover “When Your Body Die” which is the last real track on the record. Bottom line? PROPAGANDA are a force to be reckoned with and any Brutal Death Metal fan needs to get on board with them now. The riffs are thick and bloody, and the band band gels like blood coagulating on the wall after someone puts their head through a fucking window. Get some!!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Maniacal Torture”, Deliver Human Suffering”, “Blasphemy Insanity Syndrome”, “Rejection Living Tortured”

RATING: 9/10

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