Deafheaven/Envy/Tribulation: Union Transfer – Philadelphia, PA 11/7/15


Although I arrived late, TRIBULATION kicked off the Union Transfer gig on a positive note. Though the venue wasn’t too full when they started, it was packing by their second song. There is something about their stage presence and attitude that got the crowd going. Or perhaps it was their corpse paint and satanic glam that riled everyone up. Either way, they put on a great show—with their black/death metal influences on the vocals, and catchy riffs, solos, and dark leads, making them excitingly unique.


After Tribulation, ENVY stole the stage. If you have not checked out this band, I highly recommend – they have become a dominant band in the Japan hardcore scene. Their music encompasses the coexistence of intensity and beauty, and they do that perfectly live. Watching ENVY was a dream. Everything seemed so personal when they performed. From the crack of the snare, to the scraping of the guitar, ENVY put on one of the best performances of the year.


Finally DEAFHEAVEN closed the show, with the best set I have ever seen life. New Bermuda has been out for a month and already holds a big impact like Sunbather. The band played New Bermuda from start to finish, and added their single “From the Kettle Onto the Coil” and the crowd (me included) went wild. Tears were being shed, and kids were flying all over the venue. The crowd was going absolutely crazy. It wasn’t until the encore that we heard songs off of Sunbather, and everyone lost it. As soon as “Sunbather” started playing, the intensity of the crowd increased. DEAFHEAVEN closed with “Dream House” and tears were rolling down my face. I left Union Transfer in absolute shambles…I still cannot believe that I saw DEAFHEAVEN live.

Deafheaven AGAIN


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