Chastain – We Bleed Metal


Two years after reuniting to bring us the awesome Surrender to No One the Mighty CHASTAIN return with new opus We Bleed Metal (out now, Leviathan Records). It has everything you would expect from these four seasoned musicians and once again the mix is so tasty I almost chewed through the goddamn disc and ate it for dinner. The first thing that hit me was the warmth of the sound throughout all the tracks. The second thing was the seemingly endless supply of ass-kicking riffs and mind-shattering solos from guitarist  David T. Chastain. If you’re looking for a CD that will have you wanting to plug in and play along with it then look no further.

From Leather Leone’s opening battle cry on “We Bleed Metal” to Chastain’s meatgrinder riffing this is how you get started. Bassist Mike Skimmerhorn melds seamlessly with drummer Stian Kristoffersen providing the backbone of the sound that permeates the album. “All Hail the King” is four-on-the-floor driving music, Leone sounding like she’s gonna rip someone’s head off any second on the verses, then soaring to IRON MAIDEN-type heights on the choruses. Guitars dominate the day on “Against All the Gods” with some cool runs and a hellacious solo to boot.

Speaking of guitars, the tone Chastain has going on these songs is hard to describe, but delightfully easy to listen to. “Don’t Trust Tomorrow” and “Search Time For You” are perfect examples of this, but tempo-wise they are different as night and day. The former is a speedier number while the latter is more of a slow potboiler. The clean intro to “I Am a Warrior” is inserted at the perfect point in the record, and then the thunder rains down on you for four and a half minutes. The pacing of this album is very well-planned and executed, that’s for sure.

I think it’s safe to say that “Evolution of Terror’ is my favorite track. Everyone is on fire and they have this vibe where you can tell they’re clicking. This one MUST be played live from here on out, no question. “The Last Ones Alive” features another soft, clean intro before it kicks into high gear, and closer “Secrets” threw me for a loop because I thought it was another slow grinder, but it pulled the rug out from under me and took off running. All in all CHASTAIN have done well with We Bleed Metal. This is definitely a great disc for a road trip, or just hanging out with like-minded metalheads and having some beers. Enjoy!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “We Bleed Metal”, “Evolution of Terror”, “All Hail the King”, “The Last Ones Alive”

RATING: 8.5/10

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