Gorod – A Maze of Recycled Creeds


French technical death metal Gods GOROD return to the forefront of the scene they helped create with the incredible new album A Maze of Recycled Creeds. I got into the band a few years back after Trevor Strnad of THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER recommended their 2009 album Process of a New Decline which blew me away. This was then was followed up by the even more insane and genre-bending A Perfect Absolution and the new effort is nonetheless just as breathtaking.

GOROD takes the technicality of their skill very literally with breakneck speeds constantly changing and evolving into new sounds of beautiful chaos. Guitarists Mathieu Pascal and Nicolas Alberby create a seamless harmony of circle pit-inducing swirling guitar riffs that are just pure musical poetry, while founding bassist Benoit Claus brings the low end with some incredible bass lines especially on “Celestial Nature”. New drummer Karol Diers blast beats his way through, destroying the necks of anyone who dares try to keep up, and vocalist Julien Deyres brings the lot together with incredible growls, in constantly changing pitches as technical as the instruments, though I must say this album is 100% musically centered and the vocals are most definitely backing to that.

Tech death seems to get some flack because some bands use a lot of computer programming and recording at half speed (*cough* RINGS OF SATURN *cough*) but I assure you GOROD is talent through and through. Similar bands such as BEYOND CREATION and SOREPTION should bow down to the beauty that is GOROD. The technicality can be heard throughout the album but noticeably on the intro of “The Mystic Triad of Artistry” and on the single “ Temple To The Art God.” Each song’s BPM (Beats per minutes) must be in the 200 ranges though “From Passion to Holiness” and “Rejoice Your Soul” give a slower groovier part that is a nice change of pace, while still being technically intense. The latter gets into some rather bizarre funky bass lines that give a much different groove than most tech death

GOROD is a band that lives in a world where heavy breakdowns rule the scene, but they come in with greased lightning riffs, much like the early days of technical death metal bands like ATHIEST or Human Era-DEATH. GOROD is here to say “we are musicians before metalheads, we know what we are doing and we are here to prove it to you in a way that is going to blow your head off.” I’d go as far to say that they are the death metal equivalent to DREAM THEATER, as a group of trained musicians in practice and in theory showing off their (disavowed) God-given talents in the medium they choose.

If I had one critique on the record it would be that it just sort of ends; one would expect a grandiose outro that fades out into a pretty little harmony, but on the final song “Syncretic Delirium” after an intense solo it just stops, leaving you with a feeling of wanting some sort of completion. Regardless, this album is a tight knit opus of lightning-fast grooves that deviates into some other genres (though not as much a A Perfect Absolution) showcasing the band’s pure talent. A Maze of Recycled Creeds is without a doubt one of the top albums of the year and not to be missed by any metal fan.



RATING: 9.5/10


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