Exploder Rains Thrash On Trees Dallas!! – 11/29/15

It was a dark and stormy night… Well, it wasn’t actually that stormy. It was raining however, and had been for days. I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout when I finally made it into Trees Dallas last Sunday night, expecting that the weather would have kept most people home. Apparently, the grey, drizzly weather just made everybody a bit stir crazy. Brilliant for a thrash metal show.


As I walked in, I started counting. “3, 4, 10, 22…There has to be about 50 people here already.” and the show hadn’t started yet! First to take the stage was CHEMICAUST. They wasted no time getting the crowd pumped up, and the audience was ready to go! I’m pretty sure the mosh pit started spinning roughly 28 seconds into their first song. After dodging bodies, elbows, punches and the like for the progression of their set, it was time for EXPLODER.


The guys in EXPLODER, whom I’ve seen a handful of times before, took the stage and never looked back. By this time, the crowdbase had about doubled since I walked in, as did the mosh pit. EXPLODER skillfully urged them on, every song building the amped up energy swirling in the middle of the room. The Pit-Bulls, Dallas’ preeminent mosh organization, was there in force tonight! These guys are the authority on mosh pit etiquette. Back in the dark days of moshing, there were many injuries in the pit. Everything from broken bones and bruises to knife wounds and the like. Obviously, that’s not very sustainable, and the Pit Bulls realized that. What started out as a way to influence the mosh culture quickly turned into an outlet to promote local music, venues and all things metal. So it was good to see them out tonight. Meanwhile, EXPLODER was on fire! Playing songs such as “The Catacombs”, “Trench Warfare”, and “Key of Thrash”, they tore through their set and the frenzied crowd just ate it up.


PROTEST was next up. From the look of it, these guys knew what the game was. By this point, I was getting pretty good at dodging body parts and careening fans. I only took a few punches (or what felt like punches, it could have been an entirely difference appendage) as I made my way about the room in search of “that perfect shot”. And somehow, it seemed as if the crowd had grown yet again.


Last up was D.R.I. They kicked it off with the same energy as those that went before them…zero to sixty in seconds! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to to stay for their entire performance, but if they kept up the frenetic tumult of those first couple songs, I’m sure it was an impressive end to the night. Trees was fantastic, as always, with a top notch staff. I’m always stoked to have the chance to come shoot (or simply rock out) down here in Deep Ellum.


Also, a big thanks to EXPLODER’S manager Angie Foster for getting me in and taken care of! Them boys rocked it!


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