Gomorrah – The Haruspex


Hot damn, what is it with Canada delivering all this killer metal lately?!? Hailing from Kelowna, British Columbia, GOMORRAH is one of those bands that if you don’t know already, you need to. Set to release their second album The Haruspex on Jan 15 via Test Your Metal Records, these guys should be on everyone who considers themselves a Death Metal aficionado’s watch list without a doubt. Initially formed as a Black Metal outfit in 2006 they have made the transition to Death Metal, leaving a trail of bodies in their musical wake. I knew nothing of the group but as soon as I heard debut single and album favorite “Sitra Achra” I was hooked immediately. I don’t think I played it any less than six times that day, and that second half still gets me every time I listen, which is daily.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg here. After a dark and ominous instrumental intro “Imperial” things start to get revved up. This comes to a head with “Nine Kings of Sulphur”. I didn’t know it was possible to be relentlessly punishing and atmospheric at the same time until GOMORRAH showed me that it indeed was. “Carcosa” leaves any and all subtlety at the door, opting instead to put its fist through the wall. This was another instant winner for me, by the way. Spacey, ethereal, and all of a sudden heavy and screechy followed by deep growls is the only way I can describe “Dismantling the Throne”. Some might see this “all over the place” approach as a bad thing; not me, not by a long shot. It takes a certain type to be able to deliver such controlled chaos and they make it look easy.

“Crowns of Flesh” is almost a tale of two songs because how it ends is not at all like how it begins. And along the way some breakdowns are thrown in for good measure! My third favorite hands down was “Cerulean”, This tune sounds best with earphones on and jacked to FULL VOLUME. Fuck hearing loss, I’m 42 and married. If I lose my hearing now it’ll be The Gods doing me a favor! A more melodic side of GOMORRAH shows itself on “Venom and Rapture” before the guys come in guns blazing and looking for a firefight. “Architects” provides another atmospheric interlude before closer “The Mark of Veritas” takes all of the previous ingredients and rolls them into an all you can eat feast of Death Metal that goes down your gullet like broken glass and nails, ripping you open as it does.

With this record GOMORRAH have thrown their hat into the ring as one of THE Death Metal bands to watch, not only in 2016 but for years to come. The Haruspex is an album I highly recommend, and one I guarantee you’ll be spinning repeatedly once it’s in your meaty claws and/or big paws. Either way, pick this one up soon!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Cerulean”, “Nine Kings of Sulphur”, Carcosa”, “Sitra Achra”

RATING: 9/10

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