Aborted – Termination Redux EP


What better way to celebrate 20 years as a band than by giving your fans an EP with a few new tunes and a re-recorded version of a classic? Well that’s exactly what ABORTED have done with Termination Redux, out now on Century Media Records. Short in length but long on face-melting, asskicking, and skullfucking, the four tracks assembled here show a band in top form with ZERO signs of slowing down or letting up. Quite the opposite, actually. It also sounds like the guys gave zero fucks when recording these songs and decided to come at us with everything they’ve got.

“Termination Redux” kicks things off in typical brutalizing fashion, but this time around there are some heavy technical death metal leanings that will pleasantly surprise both new and longtime fans. It definitely gave me pause, so much so I almost got whiplash turning my head to look over at the stereo super-quickfast! “Vestal Disfigurement Upon the Sac” comes down like a ton of bricks, burying you in the rubble. Good luck climbing out, and if you manage that, expect your head to be kicked in over and over. The whole band simply goes to town, destroying everything within a three-mile radius.

It’s more of the same for “Bound In Acrimony”, a blink-and-you’ll miss it song that clocks in at 2:13, but the whole time it’s slicing and dicing you to ribbons and tearing flesh from bone. Closing the disc is “The Holocaust Re-Incarnate”, a sick as fuck new version of the 2001 opener from the Engineering the Dead album. The whole thing sounds terrific but the real standout on it is the guitar solo. Five minutes and change of perfection, this one. All told Termination Redux serves as an awesome anniversary present to the fans while acting as a teaser for the next full-length effort from ABORTED. I can’t wait to see what’s next!!



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