Adelitas Way/Failure Anthem/Through Fire Live At Gas Monkey Bar N’Grill!! – Dallas, TX 1/20/16

Gas Monkey Bar N’Grill was overtaken by modern rock fans to witness the glorious performance of THROUGH FIRE, FAILURE ANTHEM, and ADELITAS WAY. This night would have a lot more in store for the venue and the artists’ fans than they could even predict, because of the raw power that the bands would reveal. The room was filled and the evening was set to be a truly memorable event with plenty of band merchandise for the guests to take home.


First up was THROUGH FIRE from Omaha. The venue erupted in a craze as the band stormed the stage. They had the crowd before the first chord was struck. Formally known as EMPHATIC, THROUGH FIRE’S sophomore album, Another Life, made it to No. 8 on the Heatseekers chart in 2013. In December 2015 they changed their band name to what it is now. They don’t have any new music available for purchase under this moniker yet, but you can still keep up with their music as EMPHATIC on iTunes.


FAILURE ANTHEM followed and took their turn at showing the crowd their own talent. The guys didn’t hold back with their powerful music and lyrics, causing the minds of the guests to be put in a euphoric trance. They also played a well-known song of theirs, the single “Paralyzed”. But the big announcement was the release of their debut album, First World Problems, which is out now via Razor & Tie. After a solid set, the band finished with the song “I Won’t Say Goodbye”.


Finally the headliner was up: ADELITAS WAY. The velocity of the band’s movements and emotion in their music was a quality reserved for only a few enthusiastic bands that the crowd had seen before. They introduced a new atmosphere to the venue’s show that night that truly held everyone’s spirit intact. ADELITAS WAY was formed in 2006, and has climbed to such great heights since the band was first developed. They will soon release their new album, Getaway on February 26. But they didn’t let their fans starve with anticipation, because they released their lead single “Bad Reputation” last December. Make sure you stay tuned for their new record.


The hearts and minds of those who came out that evening to see THROUGH FIRE, FAILURE ANTHEM, and ADELITAS WAY were cured of the growing hunger they had from waiting to see these glorious acts. Gas Monkey hosted yet another successful show, and the patrons that came had an even greater appreciation for live music.



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