Product Of Hate – Buried In Violence


Two years and some change ago I got to know the guys in Wisconsin Thrash Metal band PRODUCT OF HATE, thanks to my dear friends Tom George and The Rock Father. Both of them raved about this band, and I even managed to broker an interview with all five members shortly after practice (THAT was a fun one. See it HERE.) one night in 2013. Since then I’ve followed them closely, rooting for them all the way. Quite frankly, no one was happier when they signed with Napalm Records in 2014. It just showed that hard work truly pays off. Great guys all of them, and as fun and silly as they were off the clock, on it is another matter entirely.

Case in point: their brand spankin’ new debut record Buried In Violence, out February 5. It’s like they channeled every bit of anger and frustration in their collective lives and used it to create this sonic baseball bat with nails coming out of it. Because this beast of an album doesn’t let up for one minute. When you combine the outstanding playing from all the members to go with their aggression, that only sweetens the pot. I was fortunate enough to get a super-secret sealed-with-a-blood-oath copy weeks ago and have been jamming the fuck out of it every single day at work since. Now it’s time to bring you all up to speed.

“…As Your Kingdom Falls” was the runaway favorite right away. The bounce to this song is incredible and the riffage of brothers Geno and Cody Rathbone coupled with the groove laid down by the rhythm section of Mark Campbell (bass) and Mike McGuire (drums) complement the venomous vocals of Adam Gilley perfectly. “Blood Coated Concrete” has been on many a playlist of mine since 2013 so I was thrilled at its inclusion here. 20 seconds in you’ll see why. THIS is how you introduce your band to the world. How? Hard-charging riffs, thunderous bass, pummeling drums, and vocals ready to rip your throat out like Patrick Swayze in Road House, that’s how. Disc opener “Kill. You. Now.” will also have many a head being thrown back and then ducking for cover.

There’s a classic Bay Area Thrash sound to “Annihilation” and it wouldn’t be out of place on a vintage EXODUS record. The hook and the solos of “Monster” made this another album standout, no question. Title track “Buried In Violence” is every bit the song you would expect: heavy, pounding, merciless, and out for blood. In a live setting, the pits to this one will be fucking brutal, I guarantee it. Instrumental “Vindicare” is equal parts beautiful and deadly with a gorgeous guitar solo, then “Nemesis” comes in swinging the goddamn wrecking ball everywhere and anywhere. Fuckin’ hell, this one is a rager! I know I keep coming back to the riffs, but man alive, “Revolution of Destruction” has some of the strongest on the disc, as does my third favorite “Unholy Manipulator,” another one I’ve had on mixes for years now.

In a move that no one could possibly see coming the band chose to do a cover of “Perry Mason”, easily one of my least favorite OZZY songs…ever. But they did the impossible and made me love it, the fucks. When all’s said and done there is not ONE single solitary bad song on Buried In Violence. They have made an album that is perfect in every way. And with this record PRODUCT OF HATE have now challenged every other band in the Thrash/NWOAHM genre to step their fucking game up in 2016 and beyond. Get to know these boys because they’re gonna be a household name in metal, and probably on many year end Top 10 lists. Do NOT be late to this party, my friends!!


RATING: 10/10

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