Delain – Lunar Prelude


DELAIN has hit a home run with new EP Lunar Prelude, out February 19 via Napalm Records. I was first introduced to the band by a Brazilian friend of mine and while I thought they were alright, at that time I had not really gotten into the symphonic metal music. Me, being a hard core \M/etalhead, I was really not that impressed until I saw them last year on tour with NIGHTWISH and SABATON and experienced the band probably at their best, on stage. They impressed me a great deal. When I saw that this was coming out, I immediately wanted to hear it. I have to tell you that it doesn’t disappoint. Charlotte Wessels has great, clear, bewitching vocals are bewitching. The guys and gals just make this work and they are a very tight band.

Lunar Prelude has four live tracks: “Lullaby”, “Stardust”, “Here Come the Vultures” and “Army of Dolls”. So many times with live albums, they are distorted and just don’t sound great. While I’m sure it is difficult to record live, the sound quality is a bit “mono”, but hey, it’s live! These songs took me back to that night last year and the great show they did. I don’t know what it is, but their sound puts you in a trance.

“Lullaby” as metal songs go, is a pretty subdued tune, but such a well put together track. Everything works really well. It is fun to listen to the crowd be involved on this with synchronized clapping to the song. “Stardust” is a crowd favorite. Although the guitars overshadow Wessel’s vocals at time, it is nice euphoric music. If you want to relax I highly recommend this one. “Here Come the Vultures” is a bit heavier; more rock than symphonic metal. Nothing wrong with that, it fits just perfectly in DELAIN’s style. It’s not my favorite, however.

In “Army of Dolls” live recording again you hear the in time clapping of the audience. About putting on a fake face to fit in, bringing the crowd onto the recording just makes this song much more powerful. You can just picture the audience, arms raised in the air clapping and getting into the song with the band. Very cool, and one of my artistic favorites.

A new studio version of “Don’t Let Go” is really quite exquisite. It stirred my musical soul almost instantly. While not a really heavy track, the recording is just great. What can I say? Charlotte has one of the most enchanting voices in metal. While not real heavy vocals like Floor Jansen (NIGHTWISH, REVAMP) she is more soft and melodic. She just pulls you and immerses you in the song.

“Suckerpunch” has really good harmony from everyone in the band and nice tasty, distortion guitar. Wessels really shines on this track. Probably the heaviest on the EP. Some very nice, albeit short, guitar solos. This might be my favorite on the album.

“Turn the Lights Out” reminds me a lot of THE GATHERING from many moons ago. More pronounced keyboard and Wessels really elevates the quality of this track. I swear when I was listening to this in my truck my lights briefly went out and came back on. How did they do that? I only wish there would have been more new material on the new EP. Live songs are fine, but I personally like an entire album which is live, or only studio. But overall, a nice effort DELAIN. Keep em coming.


STANDOUT TRACKS:   “Don’t Let Go”, “Suckerpunch”, “Stardust”, “Army of Dolls”

RATING: 7.5/10


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