Hatesphere – New Hell


HATESPHERE are back with their latest album, New Hell, out now through Massacre Records. Let me tell you guys now, this record freaking shreds! This is one of the most powerful releases I have ever heard. HATESPHERE is a death and thrash metal mix, being speedy in their musicality but also really strong with their deliveries. Thrash and death metal always go together pretty well, and this band is a really good example of that. The vocals are on the border of the two sub-genres, but are leaning more toward death metal. I find New Hell to be super enjoyable, it’s hard not to love it.

The album kicks off with “Titelnummer 1”, and it is an awesome start to an awesome record. It’s fast and angry, they don’t wait to get to it. The guitar entrance is composed really well, coming in fast with a real thrash sound to it. The drums fade in with it and they compliment each other really well. The first time I heard these vocals I had to do a double take. They were really powerful and unique. The vocals come in quickly, matching the pace of the rhythms, it is an excellent display of their potential.  

The next song, which is probably my favorite, is “Lines Crossed Lives Lost”. The opening riff is catchy and fast, definitely something to headbang to. The whole song is so catchy, The chorus “LINES CROSSED, LIVES LOST!” had me singing along as soon as I heard it. The song is extremely heavy and I can’t stop jamming it. The following track “Head On a Spike” has an eerie intro, and is a bit slower than the previous two, but just as good. The chorus is where you hear some vocal harmonies, and the sound is hypnotic. A top track for sure.

“On the Shores of Hell” begins with a slow soothing clean riff, and has some really good grooves to it. The drums jump in with it and go along with a slow rhythm, and a lead riff is played over it. At the end the harmonic fades into the title track, “New Hell”. This piece is really well-composed, gets going fast again, and it is yet another powerful track. The vocals are a lot slower paced in this song, but they are just as angry.

There is too much to say about this record. The drums are all over the place which is really cool, and the vocals are harsh and angry (which I always love). New Hell is not only a perfect album for thrash and death metal fans, it’s good for any metal fan period. If you enjoy thrash or death to ANY extent, then pick up a copy now!!


RATING: 10/10


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