Drowning – Egotrip


Egotrip is the newest album by the Chicago beatdown band DROWNING. Featuring 11 tracks of sheer fist to floor madness, it’s a record that starts off a bit rough but then redeems itself later on. The intro to the disc is a recording of a 911 call; this helps to set the stage for the entirety of the record. Because after listening to this? You’re either going to need an attorney or a body bag.

This is the type of record that makes you want to mosh, overthrow your local police force, and start your own community…all at the same time. It’s got an arsenal of drums, lower guitar and bass tunings, and sheer manic vocals. Although there are some rougher tracks on the album (namely “Dead End” and ”Hollowed”), the rest of it holds up to the standards of the genre. And even with a couple that aren’t overwhelmingly great, there are some tunes that really shine like “Speak True”. It’s “catchy” in the sense that it’s easy to follow along to and wonderful for headbanging and listening to while at the job you hate.

Track six, “Streets of Blood”, is a very true to genre “beatdown” song. This is one where you want to go around overthrowing corrupt politicians and putting the “posers” in their place. “Misconception”, one of the later numbers and another standout, follows that same path as well. This is one of those songs where you want to listen to it whilst trying to double your bench press max. With this song, and this record as a whole? That might just be possible

Overall, this is a solid record, and as an added bonus features guest appearances from John Hoffman (WEEKEND NACHOS), Matt Honeycutt of KUBLAI KHAN, and Rob Watson (LIONHEART).The only rough parts were more due to production than to the music itself. However, the music and band help to not only salvage the disc, but to make it shine again. Looking for a new album for your weight training days, or just something to jam whilst moshing around your neighborhood? Then make sure to pick up Egotrip. It’s available now through Fast Break! Records.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Streets of Blood”, “Speak True”, “Misconception”

RATING: 7/10


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