The Last Vegas – Eat Me


I didn’t know fuck-all about THE LAST VEGAS before newest album Eat Me (lovely title, eh?) showed up in my inbox. Apparently they’ve been around a while and have made a fair bit of noise in the rock scene. Good for them. They are that dirty, sleazy, sketchy L.A. Sunset Strip band that you can really get into at times, even if they are from Chicago. The band mines that formula really well, but it’s not like this is effortless tripe. There are some good rock & roll tunes to be found on this disc. However, let’s get the biggest problem out of the way, shall we? The album art…look up, you’ll see it right above this text. Oy, is that horrific, or what? It could very well be the laziest, most ridiculous album cover I’ve seen since 1989.

However, all is not lost. Hell, if I judged albums solely on their covers then ENUFF Z’NUFF’S self-titled debut (one of my favorites) never would have gotten a spin. As I said before, the majority of the songs are very good. There were a couple that were just OK, and one that really had me scratching my head. The band draws on a mixed bag of influences, from the aforementioned sleazy rock to 60’s and 70’s-inspired numbers that made me stop and take another listen. As most of you know I do my best listening at work, so whether I’m on my forklift or processing paperwork, the earbuds never lie.

The opener “Bloodthirsty” is a rocker that definitely has some swagger and “Here We Go Again” is dripping with 80’s dirty dirty, which I’m obviously on board with. But I really wasn’t prepared for the beauty of “Universe You”. This is the 60’s-type number I mentioned earlier. THIS is a great song. THIS is the type of song this band can and should be proud of. It’s fantastic. The same can be said for “Hot Fudge”,a pure piece of 70’s rock/pop that simply demands you get up and dance your fucking ass off! But one of my two favorites is definitely “Along For the Ride.” This bitch has fucking teeth like a cornered, wounded animal and will bite, despite the melodic feel to it. And nevermind the AWESOME reference to the Goddess CHER!!

I also really liked “Voodoo Woman” because it’s raw, rockin’ and real dirty with a sexy groove. “Love’s Got Nothing On Me” is a great ballad that feels so much like a track we’d all be pouring shots to at a bar back in 1992. Now we come to my other favorite: “Hard to Get Over You”. I challenge any one of you to NOT have this fucker in your head for hours after it finishes. A tune like this would have anyone believing these guys were Swedish, but nope. They’re right from the Good ‘Ol USA!! The intensity definitely ramps up with “To Be Treated”, a fast-paced number, and it’s good.

For never having heard this band I think THE LAST VEGAS did a good job on Eat Me (March 18 on AFM Records) They need to rethink their art designer, though. Because this album cover will be a laughing stock for the rest of 2016. But, if you can get past that, there are some truly good songs waiting to be heard.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Universe You”, “Hot Fudge”, “Along For the Ride”, “Hard to Get Over You”, “Voodoo Woman”, “Love’s Got Nothing On Me”

RATING: 8/10  

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