Eternity’s End – The Fire Within


I get a lot of recommendations from friends for bands that they absolutely love. Most of the time, they’re good enough, but they fail to live up to hype that was expressed by said friend. However, I got a suggestion from a friend that has completely blown me away, and I’m really excited to be writing about the debut release from ETERNITY’S END, The Fire Within (out March 25 on Power Prog Records!)

ETERNITY’S END follows virtuoso guitarist Christian Münzner’s solo instrumental disc, 2014’s Beyond the Wall Of Sleep, utilizing the same musicians and with the addition of Ian Parry (ELEGY) on vocals. Returning are the excellent rhythm section of Hannes Grossmann (drums) and Linus Klausenitzer (bass), who provide a solid and consistent beat while never taking the focus away from the vocals, keyboards, or the virtuoso guitar playing that streams from Christian’s fingers.

If you’re familiar with Ian Parry’s singing, you know what you’re in for: solid power metal vocals with a hint of a traditional metal voice, and he’s on point for the entire album with some great vocal hooks and a really evocative and occasionally rough edged delivery that complements the music perfectly. If you’re new to Ian’s singing, you are in for a treat. Jimmy Pitts brings the keyboards, and the man can shred! He plays off of Christian’s lead and rhythm guitar perfectly, and it’s pure magic when the two start dueling back and forth – the two of them are definitely the main focus of the album, and they deliver in spades.

Speaking of which, there’s one more factor to get to – the skills of Mr. Münzner. Just listening to this album is going to blow you away, and looking into his history, it just gets more amazing. He suffers from focal dystonia, which can make playing very difficult – not that you could tell from the way he sounds on this album. Also, most of his previous work was in the technical death metal scene, so hearing him unleash some serious neoclassical shred is absolutely mind-blowing, as are the riffs and solos that he throws out constantly throughout the entire album. This album makes me feel like I did the first time that I heard Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Trilogy, and that’s saying a LOT.

So, who is this album for? Pretty much anyone who loves great power metal or neoclassical shred, or really anyone else who can appreciate great music with a virtuoso bent. This is just an all-around instant classic and needs your immediate attention. Pick it up immediately and bathe in the aural goodness!


RATING: 10/10


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