Entheos – The Infinite Nothing


A Tech-Death supergroup. Sounds like make-believe, right? I give you ENTHEOS, a troop comprised of former members of  THE FACELESS, and ANIMALS AS LEADERS, as well as Chaney Crabb, the lady who almost became the singer of VEIL OF MAYA. But wait, the stew thickens, as three of the four musketeers earned their chops by being a part of ANIMOSITY. I feel like we need a diagram, but I’m lazy, so you’ll just have to take it from here.

The group’s debut full length, The infinite Nothing is available now through Artery Recordings. I requested this one, as I am amazed at the talent of Evan Brewer. His skills on the bass are absolutely astounding; so I feel as though I have to give a listen to anything featuring him. Going in with that mindset was about as good a way to enter the record as possible. The bass is extremely prominent in these songs, and it goddamn should be. With that said, unfortunately, the guitars may have been dialed back just a bit too much, which causes the overall sound to lose some of its punch and makes it sound a bit uneven when the occasional leads turn up throughout.

Of the eight tracks, album opener “Perpetual Miscalculations” was actually what I would consider the weak point. The lead riff lacks direction and just feels like it was phoned in. Luckily, the rest of the disc plays out incredibly better. “New Light” is where I would have started the record; a blazingly high energy romp, with diverse sections, tempo shifts and an awesomely shred-worthy lead. The following songs show a group comfortable with bouncing between technical death metal, djent-worthy string skip riffs, bouncy rhythms and subtle hints of harmonic guidance.

Overall, The Infinite Nothing demonstrates a melding of diverse influences, shaped from time spent in other groups. From that, each member has brought a piece of what they’ve learned from their time in a different headspace. And with that, it’s understandable that things would be a bit choppy; this album definitely has moments that are just that, choppy. I consider it growing pains of a group that is still somewhat new to working together. ENTHEOS delivered a debut that is completely enjoyable, but leaves area of opportunity for the future. As most supergroups are short-lived, the hope here is that the party will continue. I look forward to the sophomore effort. As for now, be sure to not just take my word for it, check out the album for yourselves.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “New Light”, “Bad Chemicals”, “The Infinite Nothing”

RATING: 8/10


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