Incite – Oppression


Roughly a year and a half ago I was exposed to the band INCITE for the first time. To say I loved what I heard would be an understatement. When people asked me what I thought about Up In Hell, which had just come out, my answer was always, “If you’re looking for something that’s angry, groove-laden, and has a great mix of styles, then this is the band for you…PERIOD. That sentiment still holds true today as the band just released album number four, Oppression (Minus HEAD Records). Much like its predecessor, riffs on riffs on riffs abound everywhere you turn, and the grooves make this one of THE heaviest releases of 2016 so far.

If it’s even possible, vocalist Richie Cavalera sounds even more pissed off than last go ‘round, especially on opener “Never Surrender” and the band behind him is just dropping napalm everywhere. Guitarists “Dru Tang” Rome and Kevin “Dis” burn the village to the ground on title track “Oppression” (a favorite) and “Lost Reality”, while the rhythm section of Christopher “EL” (bass) and Lennon Lopez (drums) gun down everyone left standing on “Stagnant” and “No Remorse”, two of the heaviest and bestest cuts this disc has to offer. The latter even has a bit of a FEAR FACTORY vibe to it, which sold me right away!

“Life’s Disease” switches things up a bit, and lets the grooves do the talking, but not at the expense of the thrash and heaviness this band does so well. There is some serious growth on display here, and it’s great to see the guys doing different things. That said, you might need a neck brace after “Forced Into Life” because you’ll be banging your head into walls and/or glass tables for days. This was another standout from first listen. “Worst of Me” has Richie spewing venom with every word and the group on the attack as well. Mini-Amps is going batshit to this one as I type this!

“HEAVY FUCKIN’ METAL!!” is the war cry that starts “I Want It All” and the song marches into bloody battle immediately thereafter. Closer “Silenced” has one of the thickest guitar sounds on the record and once again, everyone goes for broke like they’re out to win the World’s Angriest Band competition. If I were judging that contest there’s no way they wouldn’t win right now. Overall, INCITE have simply gotten better with each album and Oppression just drives that point home further. These guys bleed metal, and you should fully expect to get your head caved in once you put it on.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Oppression”, “Forced Into Life”, “Stagnant”, “No Remorse”, “Silenced”

RATING: 9.2/10

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