Broken Teeth – At Peace Amongst Chaos

Broken Teeth HC - At Peace Amongst Chaos - Artwork

BROKEN TEETH are back with their latest album At Peace Amongst Chaos, out now on Nuclear Blast Records. This record is so full of energy, it definitely gets me pumped whenever I turn it on. Before reviewing it I did not know of the band. Now I’m at the point where I’m sayin’ “WHERE THE HELL HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!” I am a pretty big hardcore punk fan, and anyone that enjoys hardcore will enjoy this release for sure. Every song makes me want to go throw down at a show, you can’t listen to it and NOT get excited.

The intro track “Take Me Away” comes in quietly with a soft but eerie acoustic guitar melody, and around the thirty second mark the electric strings and drums come in and start hammering down. They start getting pretty fast and lead the vocals into the song. This is great because it gives you a good idea of what the album is going to be like. Hearing the vocals is what really got me into it, they somehow make it even heavier. Near the end of the song it slows down and breaks down and gets really intense. This piece is heavy and in your face, needless to say it freakin’ rocks.

The next song “Leach Regress To Snake” has a really cool groove to it, it’s not as fast as the others, but I think it’s one of the heavier ones. The guitar riffs are super catchy, making it easy to get into. Once the vocals start coming in they pick up the pace a little bit, making a perfect fit with the guitars and vocals. They break down near the end of the song, making it even more aggressive, and it really gets me moving. These vocals are so angry! The next piece, which is my personal favorite, is “Stomp 2 Dust.” This one is a real trip, at some points there are growls that sound more like death metal than hardcore, but it mixes very well. The chorus where they yell “STOMP TO DUST” is awesome, best part of the track.

“At Peace Amongst Chaos.” is another great song. It comes in with the drums playing alone and then the guitars come in and join. This is a fast one, feels like they’re playing a hundred miles an hour and it destroys. Hardcore has a lot of breakdowns, and here comes another. The one at the climax of this is my favorite. They really slow down and it gives me the feeling of wanting to shove my fist down someone’s throat.

“Lose My Grip” has a nice groove to it, fades in slowly with the guitars ringing and yelling in the background, and they get going after they say “I’LL LOSE MY GRIP!” This song is heavy as hell and is one of my favorites. When they slow this one down it has me bouncing to the beat, it’s really hard not to. This track is the definition of “Hardcore.” Closer “Riot of the Mind” comes in with the guitars playing a riff with low distortion, and again the vocals are obviously the forte here.

At Peace Amongst Chaos is a phenomenal record, and any hardcore fan will love it. The vocals are just so heavy and angry and the guitars and drums are awesome too. BROKEN TEETH is an awesome band and they are all great writers. So go grab a copy of At Peace Amongst Chaos” now!


RATING: 10/10


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