Strangulate – Catacombs Of Decay


STRANGULATE are a new, raw, and brutal death metal band from India and much like their countrymen in THIRD SOVEREIGN it’s clear they’re on a mission to fuck your world up as soon as you put on their debut album Catacombs of Decay (out now, Transcending Obscurity Distribution). The classic Death Metal feel is there on this record, and it would surprise no one if this was originally put out in 1990 rather than 2016, but that’s not the case, believe it or not.  

Not content to sit back and dick around with an intro, these guys get right to business with “Barbaric Decadence,” and “Primordial Execution”, riffs everywhere, and assholes and elbows flying. Subhasish Mitra (vocals), Denzil Davidson (guitars), and Prakash Paul (session drums recorded live) simply reach into your chest, pull out your fucking heart, and show it to you. The head-pounding you will take from these two will most likely result in you popping Advils like candy to fix it.

“Dungeons of Despair” is an all you can eat brutal buffet of pounding drums and death metal riffs, and “Misogynistic Horror” swings the hammer all over the place, knocking down walls and breaking windows left and right. Switching things up a bit is “Orchestrated Massacre.” It moves along slowly at first, then the song takes off, busting heads along the way. “Humanity’s End” is one of the most savage tracks this album has to offer. Mitra’s vocal is dirty and nasty, and the other guys aren’t afraid to get down in the mud with him on this one.

“Blood and Bones” is the kind of song SLAYER wishes they could write, with razor sharp riffs and blast beats in abundance. This was definitely an album standout. Title track “Catacombs of Decay” is the album closer and is the longest song, clocking in at nearly six minutes. At times dirge-like, then shifting right back into full throttle, this one is a veritable rollercoaster, culminating in one serious guitar solo. The death metal is strong with this one, and the band finds a way to bring it all home nicely while still kicking your ass all over the neighborhood.

Catacombs of Decay is one hell of a record, although a bit too short with only eight songs and clocking in at 30 minutes. I would have liked two or three more from these guys, because they’re immensely talented. Still, the boys in STRANGULATE should be proud of it despite that. It has everything a Death Metal fan could want: raw energy, brutality, fast-paced, pounding drums, and searing riffs. Pick up your copy now if you haven’t already. It’s loud, meaty, dirty, and nasty, and I guarantee you’ll be raging for days.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Blood and Bones”, “Humanity’s End”, “Barbaric Decadence”, “Dungeons of Despair”

RATING: 8.6/10  

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