Stortregn – Singularity


THIS JUST IN: There is a Blackened Death Metal band from Switzerland called STORTREGN that is currently on full-length album number three and I had NO IDEA they even existed! Released last month via Non Serviam Records, Singularity is just the thing I was looking for to kick off my work week after five days off. With heavy elements of Black Metal peppered with some Death Metal leanings there is something that fans of both genres can latch onto and not let go. Plus, a host of heavyweight guest stars from bands like OBSCURA, MORS PRINCIPIUM EST, and BEYOND CREATION only enhance the overall aesthetic of the record.

A quiet beginning betrays the fact that shit is about to go down with “Enlighten Salvation” a perfect opener for such an evil-sounding disc. The dual guitar work keeps it even more exciting as we go. This continues with “Acosmic Ascendant” a song that could be hailed as a Black Metal classic for years to come. If this band sounds anywhere near as good live as they do on these first two recorded tracks then put me down for tickets NOW. “Crimson Depths” is one of the more death-y sounding tunes, at least musically if not always vocally. It does shift back to black metal territory, but the way they shake things up made this a definite favorite.

Blast beats abound in “Vertigo” while “Omega Rising” has its spiked metal boot up your ass from beginning to end, resulting in another winner. Halfway through comes “Aurora” and it is easily the most melodic track, but still packs a wallop. This band definitely plays to each member’s strengths, and they all seem to feed off of one another. More great guitar work shows up during “Black Moon Silhouette”; I’ve been humming this one part all day. “Nightside of Eden” is the longest track of the bunch at 6:07 and is black metal through and through with some outstanding guitar solos.

Meanwhile, “Elegy” is an acoustic instrumental number that clocks in at just over two and a half minutes before giving way to closer “Neverending Singularity.” This one definitely shovels a ton of coal into the Furnace of Riffs and everyone mounts one last attack on the senses, resulting in one motherfucker of a bang to end things. Actually, this whole record is pretty intense with nary a dull moment. As I said earlier I can’t believe STORTREGN escaped my ears for this long. Well, they’ve got me now. Pick up Singularity and I guarantee they’ll have you too. And here’s hoping they make their way over to the U.S. soon!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Omega Rising”, Crimson Depths”, “Enlighten Salvation”, “Neverending Singularity”, “Acosmic Ascendant”

RATING: 9.2/10  

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