More Than Blood – Blood Oath


MORE THAN BLOOD are a four- piece metalcore band from the middle of nowhere a.k.a Omaha, Nebraska and have just independently released a powerful and fantastic display of modern metal in their debut EP Blood Oath. While the band has only been officially together for a little over a year they are no strangers to the Nebraska metal scene as all members have been involved with at least three other bands in the Omaha area.

This disc starts off strong with “Get Down or Lay Down”, featuring an electronic intro which turns into the first of many powerful solos within the album from lead guitarist Jon “Frost” Echtinaw. These guys flawlessly blend harsh and melodic vocal parts throughout and also show how talented bassist Tristan Nolan and rhythm guitarist and vocalist Martin Hastie truly are. The transitions on this album are practically flawless as the second track starts right where the first track ends and shows off the melodic guest back-up vocals of SPLITLINE’S David Anderson.

Blood Oath is short and to the point with a whopping twenty-four minute run time over seven short but sweet tracks all of which could easily be on commercial radio stations. “Words of The Serpent” shows the technical abilities of both Jon Echtinaw and drummer Jack “Phoenix” Mazzarra Akiki as they play off each other at about 2:21 into the song with an amazing guitar solo and drum duet. “Artificial Memory” is probably the most commercial song found here as it features two minutes of straight singing versus your typical death growl.

The band switches back to the heavier side of things with title track “Blood Oath” which features one of the best guitar solos that I’ve heard so far this year and has a nasty breakdown after the second solo in the song. Over all this album is really solid and well rounded. The guys in MORE THAN BLOOD take their music very seriously and it shows throughout the album. If you grew up on the New Wave of American Heavy Metal and loved bands such as GOD FORBID, SHADOWS FALL, and ALL THAT REMAINS this is an album that you will enjoy.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Blood Oath”, “Agony”, “Words of the Serpent”, “Get Down or Lay Down”



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