The Danger Of Falling – Hope/Well


THE DANGER OF FALLING are releasing their new EP Hope/Well (August 5, Imminence Records) and I have to say, I’m glad it made its way into my hands. A bit of fair warning, they’re not reinventing the melodic metalcore wheel, but they’re certainly giving us material that sounds like they put a lot of heart and effort in, and that’s more than okay with me. I can respect people who seem like they’re genuinely writing out of passion for five songs, even if they’re a bit on the short side in terms of length, and may be labeled more along the lines of ‘generic’ (Not necessarily a term I agree with as everything is stolen, but hey, what the fuck do I know right?).

Aside from my musings about the content’s conformity, this is honestly a solid release from a band who can explode into something truly awesome if they keep up the good work. Will I be listening to this EP until I end up in my grave? Probably not. It’s still a SOLID release though. Driving rhythms, some neck slamming breakdowns, more melody than you can shake a stick at, and some quite punishing lyrical content delivered through desperate sounding shouts and subtle singing presence all equal a very very pleasurable sonic experience. If you’re not careful, this little body of music can hit you right in the heart strings and knock loose some feelings you’ve been keeping bottled up.

I can’t describe how insanely hard it is to set yourself apart as a band in this era of music where everyone believes that they have to be heard on the grand platform of the internet. A million different people are trying to put their noise in front of you as much as they possibly can, so it’s easy to get lost in every bedroom producer’s soundcloud singles. That’s dangerous territory, as it can leave one desensitized when it comes to new musical discoveries. Not everyone is going to crack out a genre traversing album that trounces the standards set forth by this day and age’s market, but a few releases will be able to stand on their own, and THE DANGER OF FALLING have one on their hands.

One of those wonderful diamonds in the rough that you seem to only get through a chance encounter, and I was lucky enough to have it put on my plate. I’d recommend listening to this, and keeping your eyes on these fellas. I have a feeling they’re going to smash out a hell of an album next time, as it seems like they’re just warming up at this point in their career.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Her/Being”, “Distant/Despair”



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