Cesspool Of Corruption – Eradication Of The Subservient


I love myself some good death metal, but who doesn’t? I’ve been jamming CESSPOOL OF CORRUPTION’S first release, Eradication of the Subservient, this week. Now lemme tell ya folks, this stuff kicks ass. It’s heavy it’s fast, and it’s fantastic. The guitar tone is great, you can actually hear bass, the drumming is solid, and the vocals are clear. This EP keeps my head banging.

CESSPOOL OF CORRUPTION are a four piece death metal band local to Dallas, Texas and made up of Blake Humphrey and Matt Leach on strings, Mike Leach on fingers, Brennan Shackelford on skins, with Blake and Mike on vocals. These guys work together well as musicians, and this release is proof of it. I’ve seen them play live multiple times, and I loved it every time, but now that they’re releasing their first EP I’m excited to see where it will go.

The intro track “Ubiquitous Presence” starts off loud and fast. They waste no time getting started here. The vocals are aggressive, the strings are harsh, and the drums are blasting away. The melody in the end was really memorable; it grabbed my attention immediately. Next is “Technological Enslavement.” This song has an awesome minor feel to it, and it’s pretty quick. I really like the main riff being played through the verses. The way the guitar lead builds up into the dual melody was absolutely hypnotizing. I love the highs in the vocals, and it has an awesome energy to it.

This track fades into “Emergence of Truth.” The song starts off slowly, giving you a feeling of “Whoa, that’s cool.” The sound of it is almost haunting. This one is really groovy throughout and speeds up around the forty second mark. I love the way the low and high growls end the song. The title track “Eradication of the Subservient” is amazing, and my personal favorite. This is a track that was remastered to be included on the disc. The way it enters sounds so angry, and the octave melody before the verse is so well placed, it rips! This is my favorite track for drums, they fit in amazingly.

The outro track, “Humanoid in Form,” was also remastered for the EP, and it’s the longest track closing in at nine minutes. Everyone does a great job here. The vocals feel really intense, and instrumentals are awesome. From the six minute mark to the end everyone has a solo, the guitars slow down at times for leads, there’s some crunch on the bass lead, and the drums do some cool stuff over the riff. This song is awesome and is a great way to end things.  

I had the chance to ask the guys about the release. When asked how they felt about it, they were all excited. The high and low vocals are pretty even between Mike and Blake, but Blake says the highs are more Mike’s cup of tea. Brennan told me that the writing process for this would be different than the future releases, because he joined the band after they were written. Matt handled writing for this piece, but a lot of material can trace back to 2009 and onward. The only tricky part to them was actually putting the riffs together.

CESSPOOL plan on doing some small touring in the states surrounding Texas for the EP, which would be cool to see. They’re releasing it on August 27 at a show at Gas Monkey Bar N’Grill in Dallas and you can preview two tracks HERE. This is great stuff, and anyone into death metal should check it out. I’m proud of these guys for finally getting it out. Get yourself a copy, it’ll be well worth it!




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