Moriah Formica – Bring It On


Hi there! Remember when I reviewed Michael Sweet’s new album One Sided War and I mentioned that amazing girl Moriah Formica who sang on “Can’t Take This Life”? Well, last weekend I got this message at A&GS HQ: “Hi! I was the 15-year old girl on Michael Sweet’s solo album you talked about a little.” To say my head exploded would be an understatement. After a brief conversation she sent me over her EP Bring It On (self-released, out now), consisting of six songs she wrote between fifth and eighth grade. Let that sink in for a minute…she was writing songs at THAT young an age, and not kiddie stuff, either. One listen to the disc will dispel any notions you might have about that!

In addition to being a powerhouse vocalist, Moriah also plays guitar, and rocks the hell out. The songs themselves showcase someone who is wise beyond her years with serious chops to boot. Opener “Slave” was instantly the favorite, from the way she sings her heart out to the big-as-life chorus. The message behind it, which is not letting any negative force, or person, stop you from what you are meant to be, should resonate with a lot of people, especially the young ones, and anyone who feels lost and lonely.

“Lovestrong” is a mid-tempo rocker with an uplifting message, something the world can certainly use in this day and age, while “Broken Soul” is a slower song, with beautiful clean guitars on the verses and chunky riffs on the hooks. “Back Off” employs some tempo changes while never wavering in its intensity. It’s also a toe-tapper when the chorus comes around. Shit gets real during “Save Me”, a song whose passion is matched only by the depth of the music. Closing the EP is title track “Bring It On” which features a guitar solo and backing vocals by none other than Michael Sweet. This guy knows who to work with, doesn’t he? Just amazing!

All told, this is a FANTASTIC EP from a young girl who is going to have years and years of songs to share with the world. One listen to Bring It On and you’ll not only be hooked, but you’ll also know Moriah Formica is the real deal. I defy anyone to not be moved and inspired by these six songs, and I further defy anyone to not be a fan of this sensationally talented young woman after hearing this whole disc. With an incredible voice like hers she made a fan of me in about 30 seconds. The only question is how long will it take YOU?



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