Alter Bridge Ushers In The Last Hero Live At House of Blues Dallas!! – 10/7/16

Welcome to Part II of the Amps and Green Screens/ALTER BRIDGE Holy Trinity of Hard Rock, released over the last week. Firstly was the review of the band’s latest record, The Last Hero (which is available now in stores and on iTunes, so why the hell aren’t you jamming it while reading this article?! Get busy downloading. I’ll wait for you.)


Next up, ALTER BRIDGE brought along ADELITAS WAY, 3 PILL MORNING, and DAY OF RECKONING to entertain the absolutely packed House of Blues Dallas for an amazing Friday night album release show on October 7. In from Houston, DOR opened the evening a bit earlier than anticipated, but the people were ready. Their heavier style went over well, and concert goers seemed to enjoy them.


3 PILL MORNING (Minneapolis, MN) brought us great rhythm and a catchy blend of hard rock songs, such as “Bottom of the Barrel”, “I Want That For You”, “Never Look Back”, and closed out the set with their single “Electric Chair” from the 2016 album release of the same name. Now that you’re done downloading The Last Hero, you should go back and drop some cash on Electric Chair. You won’t be disappointed.


I had the pleasure of catching ADELITAS WAY (Las Vegas, NV) earlier this year at 97.1 The Eagle’s BFD Summer Concert Festival, so I had a good idea of what to expect. They came out swinging with their awesome radio hit “Sick”, followed up with “Criticize”, “Bad Reputation”, and “Invincible” among others. Rob Zakaryan, guitarist, is an absolute blast to watch on stage, shredding sixteen ways to Sunday and making the girls swoon with his onstage antics.


We were ready to see ALTER BRIDGE (Orlando, FL) tear the stage apart and true to form, “Come To Life” blasted away any lethargy that was left in the venue. What followed was an amazing set list that covered practically their entire musical career. “Before Tomorrow”, “Broken Wings”, not to mention Mark Tremonti, guitarist and all-around badass, taking the vocal reins on “Waters Rising” (WOW! YES!). Reprise came in the form of what can only be described as a moving, beautiful acoustic performance by vocalist Myles Kennedy of “Watch Over You”.


For any number of bands, they might have ended there and called it a night. The guys in ALTER BRIDGE had other plans and to the delight of everyone (including myself) “Metalingus” whipped the crowd into a frenzy, followed by new album opener “Show Me a Leader” with event staff & police officers in attendance headbanging/singing along.


In moments when nothing except the music matters, and we’re all crushed together in a sweaty, joyful mass of humanity, you can experience a brief moment of unity with your fellow man. I live for that moment, and I appreciate bands like ALTER BRIDGE all the more for making that reality possible, record after record.


(Stay tuned for Part III, Maestro’s one-on-one interview with Myles Kennedy, coming soon!!)


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