The Dear Hunter/Eisley/Gavin Castleton Live At Gas Monkey Bar N’Grill!! – Dallas, TX 10/16/16


On October 16 THE DEAR HUNTER rolled into Dallas, once again playing at Gas Monkey Bar N’Grill. This time they were kind enough to bring along their friends EISLEY and GAVIN CASTLETON. The weather that night was good for fall in Texas, under 100 degrees, and the crowd was friendly and excited to see this lineup play.


GAVIN CASTLETON kicked off the night with his very Caucasian brand of electronic pop rock. It felt like the type of music you’d listen to as you go on a coke-fueled night drive, wondering if you really do have to go to work in the morning. However, everyone in the band was incredibly solid and talented. So if you’re into that type of music I would highly recommend them.


EISLEY heavily brought the airy, dreamy rock next. They all seemed a little spaced out, and their vocalist Sherri Dupree seemed a bit nervous during their set. “I normally have harmonies going behind me,” she stated. All things considered, the crowd seemed to have a good time. Judging from the reactions and the chatter, it seemed that about half the crowd was there for them. If you’re wanting to listen to the musical equivalent of cotton candy this is the band for you.


THE DEAR HUNTER was phenomenal as usual. It’s rare to find a band that sounds better than their recorded material, even rarer when that recorded work is such high quality in terms of craftsmanship and songwriting. They gave all their energy live and the crowd gave it right back. Just the sheer power of THE DEAR HUNTER is incredible to witness live because everything is raw, honest, and incredibly real. They flawlessly mix orchestral elements with rock, jazz, and poetry. If you’re into music with a storyline, definitely check them out.



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