The Pretty Reckless On Who You Selling For And More


THE PRETTY RECKLESS have a new album, Who You Selling For, that comes out October 21 through Razor & Tie. So I was fortunate enough to get singer Taylor Momsen and guitarist Ben Phillips to answer a couple of questions about it via e-mail. We also touched on their creative process, and what music’s currently moving them. Check it:

tpr-who-you-selling-for-album-artAmps: It’s been awhile since Going to Hell. You toured a lot for that one. With that in mind how much of the new record was written while on the road? Or is that something you even do?

TPR: We don’t really write when on the road. We jot down ideas of course, but we have a ritual of solitude when we stop touring where we can really buckle down and hone in on the art without the distractions of the outside world.

Amps: When do you write, and do the songs come from jams,  or individual demos?

TPR: Every song comes about differently. We don’t have a set process, other than shutting ourselves off from the outside world. It just starts with an idea and that can come from anywhere. You just have to put yourself in the mindset to be open to it.

Amps: Since the previous album was such a hit (I thought it was an absolute home run!), was there any pressure when making Who You Selling For? Or do you just go in and make the album you want for yourselves?

pretty-reckless-andrew-lipovsky-0781-pr-siteTPR: We had 24 songs done when we went into the studio to record what would become Who You Selling For. It was an amalgamation of all of our life’s experiences and a culmination of two years of touring Going to Hell. There is always pressure to do better, but that’s just how we are. We’re always striving to beat ourselves.

Amps: You’re obviously a well-known, high profile band. When you’re not working on an album or on a touring cycle,  what do you do like to do when it’s not all chaos, like something non-musical perhaps?

TPR: We’re always writing and recording and playing.

Amps: Who’s in your CD player/iPad these days? Old stuff, new stuff,  heavy, or otherwise.

TPR: SOUNDGARDEN, PINK FLOYD, THE WHO, THE BEATLES, the classic bands. I’m not too hip on new bands.

Amps: What would you like to say to all The Pretty Reckless fans out there in the world?

TPR: See you on the road.


There you have it. Pick up your copy of Who You Selling For wherever you buy your music. At press time the tour has just begun, so be sure to catch THE PRETTY RECKLESS live. Check HERE for dates and tickets.

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