Beartooth And Every Time I Die At House Of Blues Dallas!! – 10/19/16


The boys are back in town. After a several month absence, EVERY TIME I DIE was kind enough to bring back their rowdy, loud, and mildly unpresentable selves back to Dallas. This time? They were opening for the incredibly talented and energetic BEARTOOTH at House of Blues. OLD WOUNDS and Dallas’ own FIT FOR A KING were also on the bill for the October 19 show.


EVERY TIME I DIE is one of those bands that you know exactly what you’re going to get when you see them, but you still look forward to it! True to form, they put on a very chaotic and well put together set. Playing songs from their new release Low Teens and some older tunes from prior records. The crowd received all of this very well, and reacted in kind to the aggressive nature of the band.


I witnessed at least one person come out of the pit/crowd with blood running down their face. Some of the audience members looked a bit confused by what was happening, this was mostly the younger crowd who had never seen ETID before.


BEARTOOTH was certainly a treat. I’ve never seen them before and they blew me away with their energy and crowd connection. The light show was fantastic, and every single member was certainly giving out their best performance.  You could tell that most of the crowd was there for BEARTOOTH, and the look of delight on the kids’ faces was wonderful to see. This is a band that would be very well-suited on a festival lineup, or at a bigger venue.


Overall, it was a wonderful show and I’m glad that I got the chance to witness and document what happened. If you’re in the mood for a stellar live performance I would certainly recommend either of the bands mentioned above.



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