State Of Mine – Devil In Disguise


I couldn’t really put my finger on what exactly this band STATE OF MINE reminds me of. There’s a touch of the 90’s alternative rock in there, and some electronic elements sure, but when it comes down to it they definitely have a sound that is undeniably all their own. That much was evident from jump. Their new EP Devil In Disguise has been out for just over a month and it’s very good. They have this hunger, this fire about them, the same fire that can be found on GEMINI SYNDROME’S first record LUX, and that comes through in the songs.

A perfect example of this is their cover of Katy Perry’s “Rise”. Now, I happen to love Ms. Perry, but these boys took her song and turned it into an anthem for the downtrodden. Tell me you don’t wanna beat your chest and go conquer the world after hearing this version, because I sure do. Opener “Curtain Call” sets the tone early that STATE OF MINE is a force to be reckoned with, no matter who may not know it yet. “Waste My Time” had a bit of a FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH vibe to it, but surprisingly I didn’t hate it. Because this band manages to take the angst-ridden, moody, dark number and do it right, something those 5FDP boys forgot how to do long ago.

“Stones” is a foot-stompin’ mother guaranteed to get crowds moving, while “Killing Me” has this air of desperation that is palpable, as it’s sung from the viewpoint of the guy who just can’t get the girl. “Undertow” takes a page from the Rock Ballad Playbook and runs with it, and I really found myself enjoying the dual vocal on the hook. Closer “Broke By Monday”, while not necessarily a bad song, tries too hard to be a Friday Night drinkin’ tune for the working man. And while the pickup-driving folks in middle America and Texas are probably all over this one, I just can’t get into it. Too many clichés for me.

But that’s really the only blemish on an otherwise highly enjoyable record. I think good things are ahead for STATE OF MINE. They are more than capable songwriters, and it will be interesting to see just how far they can go with a little bit of tweaking. They’re not perfect, but then, who really is early in their music career? Devil In Disguise is available wherever it is you kids get your music these days, so check ‘em out and see what you think.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Rise”, “Killing Me”, “Stones”


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